API Digest #106: 4 Tips for Better API Security in 2019

Published 22 January 2019 | Updated 12 September 2019 |

Greetings from API2Cart! We are back with our traditional API Digest edition. Here are the most interesting news from the world of APIs we’ve collected for you:

1. Common API mistakes and how to avoid them

 The advice in this article applies to any API. However, some of the issues are easier to encounter when the application is written in a dynamic language, such as JavaScript, versus a more static language, such as Java. Read this article by Thomas Hunter II to find out some common pitfalls present in modern APIs and advice on how to avoid them.

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2. The Business Caveats of Microservices

 In the API space, it’s almost ubiquitous to join the concept of the modern API with the microservice. Unfortunately, in some cases, adopting a microservice architecture may not be an effective business choice. In this article Kristopher Sandoval talks about the nature of microservices in the current API industry, some theories as to how the current industry operates, and the economic realities therein.

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3. An Insider’s Take on API Strategy

 In this blog post Keith Casey shares a survey the goal of which was to change and possibly debunk assumptions about API strategy, and replace them with real-world perspectives from customers and partners working on these things day in and day out. Read the article to find out the results of the survey.

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4. APIs for Dummies

 This article is for those who aren’t tech savvy (yet), and want to know what on Earth an API is. This term gets thrown around a lot, and like all acronyms, most people don’t really understand what it is. Sarah Hoopes explains in simple words the meaning of API and provides some examples to understand it better.

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5. 4 Tips for Better API Security in 2019

 In this article Michael Endler states that if API security isn’t at the top of an enterprise’s 2019 priorities, that list of priorities is incomplete. He also shares four tips for better API security his team recommends.

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6. What Is The Difference Between APIs and Microservices?

 The terms “API” and “microservice” are both incredibly important in modern day web applications. In this article Thomas Bush offers to walk through both concepts, look at the slight overlap between them, and get to the bottom of the long-standing question “what is the difference between APIs and microservices?”

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