API Digest #107: How APIs Are Enabling Innovation In Retail

Published 4 March 2019 | Updated 12 September 2019 |

Greetings from API2Cart! We are back with our traditional API Digest edition. Here are the most interesting news from the world of APIs we’ve collected for you:

1. How APIs Are Enabling Innovation In Retail

 APIs are a common backbone supporting many new PaaS and SaaS. Integrating third party APIs are also bringing benefits to shops, allowing them to avoid reinventing the wheel. In this article Bill Doerrfeld focuses on APIs and their role in online stores. He tells about progressive web apps, the benefits of using APIs in retail, the situation in retail and web commerce and much more.

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2. The Tools You Need for Modern API Development

 Software development now depends on APIs of all kinds. We build our own APIs for various apps, and also need to integrate with external APIs. Fortunately, there is an expanding set of tools that help during every stage of the API lifecycle. Abhinav Asthana provides some of them in his article.

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3. How to Debug Common API Errors

 Debugging and troubleshooting APIs is something that any developer that works with APIs has to go through at some point. In this post Heitor T. Sergent focuses on API users and what they can do to debug common API errors they might encounter when testing and working with APIs.

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4. Don’t Leave Your Doors Open - Secure Your APIs Now

 Hackers are continuing to find new ways to break into systems, and weaknesses in API security are the newest opening for cyber criminals to strike. Read this article by Keith Casey to find out his tips and approaches in securing APIs.

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5. What’s Missing From Your API Documentation

 It’s hard to create comprehensive API documentation that speaks to developers in every stage of the integration process. Adam DuVander provides some tips on how to build out high-quality documentation that will give developers a better experience and lead them to faster success with your API.

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6. To Create An Evolvable API, Stop Thinking About URLs

 In this post Fagner Brack describes the fundamentals of an evolvable API. He also shows how you can model a conversation between the client and the server to maintain the state of the conversation using the payload of the network requests.

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