API Digest #109: APIs show Faster Growth Rate in 2019 than Previous Years

Published 6 August 2019 | Updated 28 August 2019 |

API2Cart continues to collect the most interesting API-related articles and news to deliver them to you via our digest. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the following articles:

1. APIs show Faster Growth Rate in 2019 than Previous Years

 Check out the report of Programmableweb on how the API economy has changed since 2005. Wendell Santos shares a graphics and some key numbers from it.

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2. How Granular Should You Design APIs?

 One of the many things to take into account when building a great API is granularity. For more experienced developers, the concept of granularity is a given, but it may be a confusing concept for programmers new to API development. Thomas Bush explains API granularity in his article and shows how you can determine the right level of granularity for your own APIs.

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3. A No-Nonsense Guide To Working With Web APIs

 In this article Alec Jones explains some key terms related to API such GET and POST requests, POST, authentication, API keys, OAuth and the flow. He also mentions about webhooks, API documentation, how APIs are usually structured and why you should use them.

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4. A primer on the reality of working with APIs as a new developer

 The reality of being a software developer today makes integrating data and services a primary concern. If you’ve just completed a coding or computer science course, when you start working on a real-world project, you’ll likely find yourself dealing with APIs. Sue Smith shares some of the issues you may face when you start to work on real applications, and provide tips for navigating the API ecosystem.

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5. OpenAPI Should Be a Key Part of Any Organizational Development Strategy

 In this article John Feeney from Liferay tells that OpenAPI specification has become the de facto standard among the world’s biggest and most profitable API-driven companies. Get know more about it and other API related terms in his blog post.

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6. What Is The Difference Between Web Services and APIs?

 Web services and APIs are two of those overlapping tech terms that regularly get confused. Find a quick and simple explanation in Thomas Bush’s article.

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7. Some thoughts on GraphQL vs. BFF

 In this blog post Phil Calçado shares some thoughts on the relationship between the Back-end for Front-end (BFF) Pattern and GraphQL. Read the article to find out.

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