API Digest #22: Breaking Bad with APIs

Published 3 August 2015 | Updated 29 July 2017 |

Breaking Bad with APIs

This week’s API digest has to do with security and unreliability. With care for your digital safety and protection, we are quick to begin.

Five years ago, Keith Casey wrote his “Social Media for Social Evil” series. The three articles were dedicated to “how social media could be misused for everything from online impersonation to cracking someone’s banking questions”. This time, he focused on a new angle of attack -- using “similar tactics to actively cause damage in potentially undetectable ways” -- and explained that the only thing that can protect your personal information is you. Read the whole article here.

With the tone set, we are continuing with a recent post on the Instavest blog. The piece covers the topic of unreliable web APIs and gives 5 tips to help developers deal with them.

Are you sure your lead architect really understands microservices? Joe Emison has something to say on the topic.

Arnaud Lauret continues writing for Nordic APIs. Do not miss his How to Provide APIs With an Existing Information System and learn what usability factors to consider and what complexities to prevent when providing APIs that work with an existing IS.

Keith Casey, the author of the first article mentioned in this API digest, has also shared the knowledge he acquired in Twilio. According to him, every API company has three user interfaces. Find out what they are right here.

Kristopher Sandoval is never tired of composing original pieces. Fostering an Internal Culture of Security is one of them. Read and find out why API security and developer responsibility as cultural norms are important, and how to promote sustainability and growth.

Two presentations worth your attention have appeared on InfoQ:

  • Troy Hunt believes you should hack your API first. In the presentation, he explains how to discover the vulnerabilities of one’s own APIs, identifying common security anti-patterns.
  • Mike Amundsen has given a talk on API design methodology that allows to map key aspects of a business into a usable, scalable, and flexible interface.

If you would like to suggest articles, presentations or news to be included in the next API digest, feel free to do so by sending us an e-mail.