API Digest #38: About Developer Love for Your API

Published 15 February 2016 | Updated 31 July 2017 |


It is not only the 14th of February that we share love. And it is similarly not only about the dearest people. Your API needs love too, and we are beginning this API Digest with a post telling about how to attract more of it.

APIs have to do with love, especially if you have a platform, and you want developers to love your API. Taylor Barnett knows how to love the community right, so they love your API in return.

The API is the circular system running throughout the Internet of Things. It goes both ways: API design affects IoT and vice versa. Learn more in How to Create Effective API Design in the IoT Space by Jennifer Riggins knows much about it and shares her experience on .

Even if you are a developer who knows everything about webhooks, Designing Webhooks In HTTP APIs by Paul Hallett is something you will very likely find interesting and informative to read.

James Higginbotham and Keith Casey have shared the experience they got from 2 years of conducting API training workshops. Find the lessons here.

APIs have made it possible for medical workers learning new medical procedures to practise them on portable devices. So, they can now hone their craft before working with cadavers and live patients. Read more about the medical innovation powered by APIs in Kelly Pate Dwyer’s An API for the Human Body.

Don’t miss the last two interviews in the API world:

  • Data2CRM.API has published a talk with Mike Amundsen, Director of API Architecture, API Academy at CA Technologies. In the interview, he talks about the role APIs play in business development, unveils whether the perfect Application Programming Interface is a myth or reality.
  • Lorinda Brandon, a beautiful woman in tech and an expert on API Business Strategies, has shared her point of view on the business value of APIs and API evolution for the next 10 years.

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