API Digest #39: Why Not to Test, Scrum and SDK?

Published 29 February 2016 | Updated 9 January 2018 |

Why not to Test Scrum & SDK?

Do not rush into writing automated tests, using Scrum and creating an SDK. Why? Continue reading this API Digest to find out.

Claudia Słowik knows why automated tests are no magic and why it is sometimes better not to have any at all. Learn about Java REST API testing, from preparing a proper testing suite to correct tools in her Introduction to Java REST API Testing.

Following the topic of testing, NaveenKumar Namachivayam has shared 12 web service testing tools he believes to be great. In case you have been looking for other tools to facilitate your API development, you can find 27 solutions we covered in one of our white papers.

Offering an SDK together with your API is good but sometimes not a necessity yet. Ivan Valle has explained when each case arises and how to know your REST API needs an SDK.

Been using Scrum for years? Adam Ard reckons scrum is the wrong way to build software. Explore his 15-point list of what Scrum gets wrong to find out why.

Researchers have discovered a potentially catastrophic flaw in one of the Internet's core building blocks! Find out which function contains a buffer overflow bug and what it allows attackers to do in Dan Goodin’s article.

There is typically a large gap in knowledge between the developers and designers. Being the latter himself, Bryan Elkus has made a plea for clearer documentation for non-developers.

Meet the Ion Hypermedia Type by Les Hazlewood and Rapier, a new API specification language by Apigee!

Two API-related presentations have been posted on InfoQ:

That is it for this fortnight’s API Digest. Have a productive week, and feel free to make suggestions or just say hi by sending us an email. :-)