API Digest #40: One API, Many Facades?

Published 14 March 2016 | Updated 31 July 2017 |


APIs are wonderful. Not only do they let us access data, but they also predict, personalize, and get “personalized” for a wide array of consumers. We are beginning this fortnight’s API Digest with the latter mentioned.

Web APIs have different kinds of consumers, each kind having their needs and concerns. Guillaume Laforge has explained how to optimize APIs for varied API consumers.

Decoupling in time is what you should care about when designing your services. REST and message passing can either help or not. Find the details in Why RESTful communication between microservices can be perfectly fine by Daniel Westheide.

There has been much hype around microservices. Neal Ford knows why! Discover his 4 reasons why microservices resonate.

Creative Kristopher Sandoval keeps writing excellent pieces. This time, it is Sweet API — Syntactic Sugar and You and 6 Techniques for 99.999% Uptime that we could not help sharing with you.

Becoming a platform is aimed at delivering value. Steven Willmott has shared 3 lessons on how to do that with a platform strategy.

Last August, we read “An Ode to Middleware” by Romi Stein. This March, Fred Churchville explicates whether enterprise middleware, as we know it, is dead in the ground.

APIs are now used to predict startup success and get more personal. Any other interesting implementations you heard about? Share with us!

Come back in a fortnight for more! In the meanwhile, leave us article suggestions for the next API Digest or just say “hello” via email.