API Digest #53: What if Developers Aren't Meant to Do API Design?

Published 19 September 2016 | Updated 24 October 2019 |


We are continuing the API Digest series. As always, we begin with the list of topics mentioned in this issue:

  • The API Stylebook
  • Three keys to design-time governance
  • Headlines that condemn APIs are written for clicks
  • Internal API design for distributed teams
  • What if developers aren't meant to do API design?
  • How APIs are influencing the fundamentals of software engineering

What if developers aren't meant to do API design? What if that is an entirely new, emergent skill set? Is it time to recognize the API designer as its own unique profession, complete with its own career path? - these and other questions arise in Matthew Reinbold’s recent article.

According to Mike Amundsen, when it comes to design-time governance, one should pare things down to essentials, namely protocol, format, and vocabulary. The three keys provide the minimal foundation that can retain stability without rigidity.

Designing and providing an API is not an easy task. Beyond purely functional matters, there are other things to take care of such as pagination, errors, and versioning. Find these and other API design  related issues covered in the API Stylebook maintained by API Handyman.

Kin Lane believes APIs are significantly changing how we develop software. Read him sharing his thoughts about how APIs are Influencing the fundamentals of software engineering.

Headlines that condemn APIs are written for clicks”, believes David Berlind. He recommends that readers take such headlines and much of the so-called substance behind them with a grain of salt.

Andrew Berry knows how to work with multiple distributed teams and a timeline measured in weeks. Read his guidance on how to efficiently manage distributed teams working on internal API Design.

This Autumn is going to be very API-eventful. Discover 11 API events that will take place this Fall.

For more API news and insights, read API developer weekly #127 and #128 by Keith Casey and James Higginbotham.

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