API Digest #62: What Organizations Need to Know When Deprecating APIs

Published 23 January 2017 | Updated 12 May 2020 |

API Digest #62

API2Cart continues the API Digest series, and in this issue, you will read a wrap-up of the following articles:

  • What organizations need to know when deprecating APIs
  • Amazon introduces Rekognition for image analysis
  • A way to react to API failure
  • Why APIs are important for business
  • 7 Lessons Learned Building an API Startup
  • Extracting value from data: the rise of the API economy

One topic that comes up a lot in the API space is the decision of companies to deprecate an API's version or fully shutdown support for a popular API. Take the most recent example of Google, which silently announced that it's shutting down support for its Hangouts API in January, 2017. So Keshav Vasudevan decided to explain what organizations need to know when deprecating APIs.

At the AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon launched Rekognition, a managed service for Image Recognition and Analysis, powered by Deep Learning. In his article “Amazon introduces Rekognition for image analysis”, Kent Weare makes a comprehensive review of this service. The capabilities that Rekognition provides include Object and Scene detection, Facial Analysis, Face Comparison and Facial Recognition.

There are many apps that depend enormously on APIs, and unfortunately, APIs are often prone to failure. Thomas Roca, a stats researcher at the French Development Agency explains how to react to API failure and how he has hardened his app against API failures.

If you’ve somehow ended up on this page and you’re still not familiar with APIs, check out Danny McConville’s article, in which he vividly explains what APIs are and why they are important for business.

Kairos, a human analytics platform for developers, has gathered some useful experience while turning an API-first business into a working model. In the article, “7 Lessons Learned Building an API Startup” Ben Virdee-Chapman and Gabriella Leone write about 7 lessons Kairos company has learned while growing an API-first company from the ground up.

Increasingly, people are choosing to interact digitally with businesses, each other, and even objects. As companies search out ways to make use of the oceans of data being generated from all these interactions, many are opting to explore a business strategy that would have been almost unimaginable just a few short years ago - openly sharing proprietary information with other enterprises. In his article, “Extracting value from data: the rise of the API economy”, Leon Stigter tells about how data sharing shapes businesses.

For more API news and insights, read API developer weekly #144 and #145 by Keith Casey and James Higginbotham.

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