API Digest #84. eCommerce & Facial Recognition APIs, Why to Test And How to Version APIs, KPIs, And More

Published 18 December 2017 | Updated 12 February 2020 |

API Digest is back with the traditional at-a-glance survey of recent API news, articles, and insights. In today’s issue you will find a brief overview of the following articles:


1. Top 10 Facial Recognition APIs of 2017

Facial recognition has already been a hot topic of 2017, but now with the announcement of the iPhone X’s Face ID technology, facial recognition has become even more popular. Will you be using any of these APIs in your projects? Here is a list.

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2. From API Doing to API Thinking in a Major Bank

When Flavia Sequeira joined ING, they weren’t just lacking in API execution, or “API doing”, but they were also lacking in API understanding, or “API thinking.” This was making it hard to execute a definite platform strategy. Read her story to expand your own understanding of APIs.

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3. Five Best Practices for Building an Effective API Marketplace

In the past, having a one-stop portal where application developers could discover and subscribe to APIs was enough. Today it’s much more than a basic API developer portal. Mifan Careem has gathered five best practices to building an Effective API marketplace.

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4. Why You Should Test Your APIs and Test Them Often

In a typical software project, the programming ends with the user interface. Testers pick up the product, perhaps with only a few days before the intended ship to production, and try to find ways to make it fail. Imagine another scenario.

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5. 4 eCommerce Industries That Hinge on API Integration

Integration-oriented mindset creates more intelligent and efficient software and tooling. In this API2Cart guest post, we’ll take a closer look at the most relevant eCommerce areas that rely on APIs to power their software systems.

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6. Facebook Quietly Deprecates The Audience Insight API Used To Automate Targeting During The Election

According to AdWeek, Facebook is quietly shutting down its Audience Insights API by the end of the year. Besides, Google Realtime API is retiring. Kin Lane is discussing the consequences.

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7. A guide for when (and how) to version your API

Whether you have a single API product or you manage multiple APIs across business lines, one thing is common: having an API versioning strategy is important. James Higginbotham is summarizing the key points.

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8. Designing KPIs for APIs and Digital Programs: A Comprehensive Guide

Many executives at large enterprises are now connecting the dots between the performance of their core business and the relevance of digital capabilities powered by APIs. To facilitate next steps in realizing value from these critical assets, enterprises need to become savvy in the use of KPIs to drive digital programs, particularly the development of APIs.

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9. FaaS: It’s like CaaS, but worse

FaaS mostly benefits metered cloud providers, because it allows them to become the connective tissue of your solution in a much more fundamental way than they used to be. They’re literally your runtime.

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