API Digest #92: Is API a hurdle?

Published 2 May 2018 | Updated 2 May 2018 |

API2Cart continues to deliver the most interesting news from the world of APIs via our digest. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the following articles:

1. 3 Reasons Your API Might Fail

Today, the truth is that APIs can fail, and even when they don't fail, they can perform in ways that are less than adequate. Michael Churchman points out three common reasons why an API might fail or underperform, and how DevOps engineers can address them.

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2. Is API a hurdle?

In this article Anmol Mishra provides an example of how API works and gives a few pieces of advice on how to make API utilizing clear and simple.

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3. Everything You Need To Know about API testing

 API testing has garnered a growing attention in the past five years. It is a staple of any internet based product testing team, used for small stuff like image loading to huge stuff like payment processing. In the article Deeksha Agarwal denotes the importance of API testing in developing an application.

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4. Methods To Communicate API Change Effectively

The API industry thrives on change. It often brings some unique challenges; one such challenge is that developer users in the modern API landscape expect an allocated time frame, and a much more nuanced, fully-addressed method of communication. Kristopher Sandoval points out 6 strong ways to communicate API change, as well as highlight some caveats in different communication modes.

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5. The Importance of APIs for Payment Platforms

APIs have transformed the way we purchase, and now they are poised to completely change our payment experience. Pavlo Sidelov explains why APIs are the new norm for payments, delivering efficiency, scalability, speed, and most of all, an important ecosystem edge.

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6. Event-Streaming: An Additional Architectural Style to Supplement API Design

The demand for more robust methods of software communication is pushing the limits of today’s interface solutions. Request/response-based APIs are essential. However, James Higginbotham denotes that today’s technical problems are now demanding event-driven support — in addition to request/response — to improve an API’s capability offerings.

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