API Digest #97: Why Standards-Based Drivers Offer Better API Integration

Published 9 July 2018 | Updated 9 July 2018 |

Following the old tradition, let’s start your week with a cup of coffee or tea, tasty breakfast and a portion of news. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the following articles:

1. 9 Questions for Top-Level API Security Auditing

 Any API developer can realize that, as a data handler, they have some of the most important legal and moral requirements towards their data subjects of any technically oriented organization. In this article Kristopher Sandoval defines 9 questions that every API provider should ask themselves when it comes to security.

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2. A Simple API Economy Vocabulary

 One way to support simple discussion is to use common language with as less new keywords as possible. In this blog Sakari Paloviita proposes a minimum size of vocabulary to be used in cross-domain API Economy Communities.

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3. How To Design Frictionless APIs

 When it comes to making products, successful designers know that the end user must be the ultimate focus. The user really ought to be considered in every decision that is made. In this article Heather Weaver points out ten techniques and methods follow, which can be used to convert developer portal visitors to API consumers, and retain them as active users.

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4. Amazon API Gateway Now Supports Private Endpoints

 Amazon announced a new feature with their API Gateway service that will provide customers with private API endpoints inside their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Read this article by Steef-Jan Wiggers to find out the details.

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5. How and Why Meltwater Rolled Its Own Custom Testing Solution For Its API

 Haven't we all been a bit nervous at times about pressing that "Deploy" button, even with amazing test coverage? Especially in the scary world of microservices where the exact constellation of services and their versions is hard to predict. In this post Joel Carlbark introduces the Synthetic Monitoring concept, which can make you feel more confident about your production system because you find errors quicker.

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6. The Fundamentals of HTTP API Unit Testing

 In the fast-paced world of API’s, it is easy to forget the importance of testing. Testing not only ensures your application or service is performing as expected, but it also helps safeguard against current and future changes in either specification or implementation. In this article Ross McDonald covers the high level in’s-and-out’s of unit testing as it applies to API’s, and where unit testing falls into the greater ‘testing’ picture.

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7. Why Standards-Based Drivers Offer Better API Integration

 As enterprises grow, so too does the number and variety of data sources they use to drive business. Maintaining integrations for all of a company’s data creates a whole new set of challenges. In this article Jerod Johnson from CData explores and compares the different options for solving the data integration problem and explains why you should be using standards-based drivers to abstract your API integrations.

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