API for WooCommerce

Published 10 March 2022 | Updated 18 November 2022 | Natalia Kovalchuk

One of the best ways to succeed as an eCommerce software provider is to develop a WooCommerce integration to stand out from the competition. By building API integration with WooCommerce, you can tap into the platform's huge number of users. Whether you are a shipping solution provider, chatbot service, marketing automation software, WMS, order, and inventory management system, or pricing software provider, you may want to integrate your product with WooCommerce.

Main Reasons Why You Should Connect Your Software to WooCommerce

Using an API for WooCommerce integration gives you access to the platform’s data. You will be able to retrieve, sync, update, add and delete data related to products, orders, inventory, or shipments. This will allow you to offer your services to hundreds of thousands of online merchants using this shopping platform.

Here are the main reasons why your software should be connected with WooCommerce:

  • WooCommerce has over 4.4 million users and is one of today’s most widely used eCommerce platforms. The company has a global reach of over 200 countries and it is growing every year. If you need to expand your business, a WooCommerce integration offers you a wider reach.
  • Another reason to integrate your software with WooCommerce is to innovate and take your services to a whole new level. WooCommerce has over 35 methods for working with its customers, orders, products, categories, or any other data type. You can manage this data to offer new, improved functionalities to your customers and improve the services you offer.
  • WooCommerce integration is probably one of the fastest ways to grow your business and increase revenue from it. Developing API integration with WooCommerce enables you to connect with millions of prospective customers who have their e-stores on this platform.

The Aspects of WooCommerce API

The WooCommerce API uses the REST structure to allow developers to work with data such as orders, shipments, taxes, products, categories, descriptions, and customers. The WooCommerce API has numerous versions, so you must choose carefully when integrating your software with it. The newest version of WooCommerce API is free of bugs and comes with improved features that make it easier to work with customers’ data.

When integrating with WooCommerce, API calls are one of the key elements. For making API calls, you must go through the identification process. Once you pass it, the system will recognize your identity and permit you to work with the API resources. You can access the WooCommerce API via the HTTPs authentication or OAuth 1.1 method.

WooCommerce Integration Issues

WooCommerce API integration can be extremely beneficial for any eCommerce software business. Integration, however, is a time-consuming process with several inherent problems.

First, WooCommerce provides a number of API versions. Because WooCommerce has a unique type of API called the “legacy API,” which is a separate module, inexperienced developers may feel confused when choosing the right version of the API. Most developers tend to integrate with the newest versions of an API rather than the older ones, but this doesn’t allow the software to connect to stores built on the older versions.

To overcome this issue, developers will need to plan for new releases and continually optimize their old code. They must ensure the connection works with multiple API versions.

Second, the WooCommerce API includes several PHP modules. These modules occupy additional space and cause heavy server load.

Finally, integrating with WooCommerce is a tedious process that takes several weeks, has significant costs (over $10k), and poses numerous security risks.

To avoid these risks, you can use a unified API for WooCommerce integration that is provided by API2Cart.

Usage of a Unified API for WooCommerce Integration

Setting up a reliable connection with WooCommerce requires time and effort. Additionally, it requires avoiding as many integration risks as possible. For that, you may use API2Cart's unified API.

API2Cart is a service that offers you the cheapest and easiest way to get connected to WooCommerce. You can also integrate your software with different other shopping platforms, including Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Ecwid, OpenCart, etc. using API2Cart.

API2Cart provides a set of API methods allowing you to easily access and manipulate customer, order, and product data from WooCommerce and other platforms. With API2Cart, you can get a stable WooCommerce integration at a fraction of the price.

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