B2B eCommerce News Monthly: 8 Amazing B2B Marketing Campaigns from 2018 to Inspire your Work in 2019

Published 15 January 2019 | Updated 28 August 2019 |

Welcome to our monthly round-up of the latest B2B eCommerce news. Here is the list of the most interesting and useful articles, news and statistics e-world has talked about during the last month:

1. 8 Amazing B2B marketing campaigns from 2018 to inspire your work in 2019

In this article Shane Schrick shares the list of the brands and agencies who demonstrates that creativity in B2B marketing is not only alive and well but thriving. The selection that follows are not intended to be ranked in any order, since they represent a cross-section of traditional advertising, content marketing and integrated campaigns.

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2. 3 key B2B event trends for 2019: Detoxing, brunch and 'less is more'

In this blog post Hannah Sheppard from Clownfish Events rounds up three trends we can expect to see at B2B events in the year ahead.

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3. 5 examples of innovative technology in B2B (and what we can learn from their approach)

We all know the tech industry is evolving at a rapid pace, but where are those tangible examples of innovative B2B technology we crave for inspiration? Alex Clarke provides 5 striking samples in this article.

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4. How To Learn About Your Customer In A New B2B Venture

Let’s assume that you have an amazing idea for a new business. But without a clear understanding of who will benefit from it, how they research new offerings and where they buy, you might not reach your target customers. Prashant Srivastava from Evive shares a few steps to take to learn who your customers are.

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5. How to Write Emails B2B Tech Buyers Actually Want to Read

What can you do to get tech buyers to actually open and click? In this article Kyle Donley answers this question and provides five email best practices to help you better engage tech buyer audiences.

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6. How to Use Data in B2B Content Marketing

Writing great content for a B2B brand can be a challenge, but data can make it possible to have clearer insights about what your team should be covering. Kelsey Jones provides some of the ways that data can be used to tell better stories in B2B content marketing, which can make your content efforts more worth the time it takes to produce it.

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7. The secret behind becoming a successful B2B entrepreneur

Whether you are the founder of a B2B or a B2C business that has different approaches to functions such as marketing and customer acquisition, there are some inherent similarities in the temperament of all entrepreneurs when it comes to building a successful business. Read this post by Madhurima Agarwal to find out them.

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That’s all for now. If you have any interesting news to share, leave the comments in the section below.

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