Published 3 August 2016 | Updated 5 November 2019 | Anastasia Kholod

We are happy to announce that our collection of shopping cart connectors has been complemented by Shopify Connector. With its help your customers no longer need to share authentication and authorization data to connect to your B2B system through our API.

All they need to do is just press the button in their private admin surrounding via our easy-to-install connector, and their store will be instantly added to your API2Cart account. The only thing you need to provide them with on your side is your unique Plugin Key.

Speaking the language of benefits, Shopify Connector is helpful because it does the following:

  • automates the API key exchange;
  • eliminates the manual effort for your clients;
  • keeps your customers’ account credentials private.

If you have any questions regarding the plugins or API2Cart, schedule a consultation with our representative.

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