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OpenCart Integration as a Cornerstone of Your B2B Software

5 May 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

Looking back at the beginning of eCommerce, becoming an online merchant was not only cutting edge, but also technically challenging. Unless able to code, e-seller wannabes had no choice but hire a web developer to not only build the looks, but also make data connections so that order placements, payments,... Read More

How Shopify Integration Helps to Stay Ahead of the Curve

23 February 2021 | Anastasia Kholod

Do you provide order management, shipping, multi-channel, repricing or any other eCommerce solution? Then you know that to stay competitive in a constantly changing e-market you have to implement innovation into your business. Shopify integration is what can drastically expand your business opportunities. This article will tell you more about... Read More

Expand Your Market Share with PrestaShop API Integration

23 February 2021 | Anastasia Kholod

PrestaShop API Integration is considered to be one of the popular integrations eCommerce SaaS App solutions must have. The main reason for that is the fact that this platform is used by 250+ store owners. That means a huge perspective for your business. Let’s learn in detail about all the... Read More

User-Centric Approach in API Development at API2Cart

5 March 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

API is probably the most hyped term in the high tech industry nowadays. Nearly each and every developer strives to broaden the software’s functionality by using the Application Programming Interface. But sometimes programming becomes a huge challenge since developers always work on the product development side not even wondering about... Read More

API as a Key Success Factor in e-Business

5 March 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

If you are not a web developer, you have likely never heard about API, the abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. But you really don’t have to be one to use it. You may not even realize the fact that you are heavy on API. Such kind of novelty is newsworthy... Read More

Why API Integration Attracts Attention to Your Business [Infographic]

29 September 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

API - application programming interface, conquers the world by making everyday things easier: share photos, like pages, browse online maps, etc. However, API technology can be used as well for business purposes. For instance, API2Cart provides opportunity to increase market share via adding integration of eCommerce software with 40+ shopping... Read More

How to Improve eCommerce Business With Shopping Cart API Integration

4 March 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

Are you looking for a way to expand your online business’ market share? Do you have an e-mail marketing, inventory, order or other eCommerce management system that you would like to integrate with as many shopping carts as it possible? Want to do it quickly and for affordable price? API2Cart... Read More

API Requests - How Much Do You Need?

4 March 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

During the last year here at API2Cart we helped to improve functionality and enlarge profitability of numerous companies that work in the eCommerce field, including e-mail marketing, mobile commerce, repricing systems, etc. Each time we had a new case and each time we're ready to solve it. However, one of... Read More

Add Value to Your Business with API2Cart

4 March 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

Are you working within the eCommerce industry providing your customers with mobile or social commerce facilities? Have you developed outstanding business analytics or accounting system? Or maybe you provide top quality e-mail marketing services? In any of these cases and a dozen of others API2Cart can help rapidly increase your... Read More

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