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How much should app maintenance cost - Lower the cost in 2017

16 August 2017 |

"It is worth to pay for app maintenance?" and "How much should I pay for maintaining my app?". These are hot questions these days, and I know you want to hear...

How much should app maintenance cost - Lower the cost in 2017

API Digest #75: Alexa, are you listening?

14 August 2017 |

Hello, wanderer.  Sit down comfortably and get ready for the trip into the API world.  In today’s edition: API economy is driven by Open Source The State of APIs in...

API digest Technologies

What Makes ERP a Truly Encompassing Solution

9 August 2017 |

We bet all the retailers want to multiply their sales volumes. But when the moment comes, overweighting amounts of sales can turn out as a hard headache for the entrepreneur....

ERP eCommerce Solution

Best of June and July Blogs

2 August 2017 |

Summer has been constantly pampering us with its warm sun rays and breeze while API2Cart has been pampering you with some interesting materials. Now that we are entering summer finish...

Best of June and July Blogs

B2B eCommerce News Monthly: Confessions of an eCommerce Developer

25 July 2017 |

We are glad to be back with our fresh monthly eCommerce news for you. So, for this time we prepared for you next articles: Confessions of an eCommerce developer; Here's...

Marketplaces & Shopping Carts: A Perfect Couple

21 July 2017 |

Marketplaces, locations where people who are looking to buy something can go, have been around for thousands of years. Recently marketplaces have found a new home online, and they are...

Perfect Trio: Chatbots, eCommerce and Messaging APPs

19 July 2017 |

Hardly anyone will today marvel at being able to see what the weather holds for the next weekend, book a nice hotel room for an upcoming holiday, or even buy...

The Essential Guide to Promoting Your eCommerce Store

7 July 2017 |

You’re fully stocked, your eCommerce store is online, but you have no customers. Don’t worry, we’ve been there, and we have some useful eCommerce tips and tricks to help you...

B2B eCommerce News Monthly: 5 Ways to Use Video in B2B Marketing You Haven’t Thought Of

7 July 2017 |

We are back with our regular monthly wrap-up of B2B eCommerce news and useful articles. Here is the list of topics you will find covered in this article: 6 ways...

4 Reasons Why eCommerce is Better with Mobile Product Catalogs

7 July 2017 |

“For years, shoppers have enjoyed flipping through glossy print catalogs to be inspired, discover new trends and find great products… Today, mobile technologies can make catalog shopping more engaging, social...

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