The A to Z Guide to Shopping Cart Integration for Your B2B Company

Published 5 February 2016 | Updated 31 July 2017 |

shopping cart integration

Staying competitive implies being in step with the times and even more. In most cases, winning customers’ attention takes having at least slightly more to offer, and if that is what you would like to have for your business, we are pleased to welcome you to the right place. 

As a representative of the e-Commerce business sector, you might have noticed that the industry is quite rapid to evolve. New trends, new needs, and new features -- not a day has gone by that they have not been announced. And where innovation and demand come into play to call the tune, you are to grab the opportunity to leave your competitors playing second fiddle.

Progress and fresh ideas are not alone to grow in number. New rival solutions offering similar service and the crowd of merchants in either a potential or actual need for them multiply too. As a result, the market gets more competitive with the clientele of B2Bs becoming more diverse.

The Point Is...

Let us get back to the very first sentence of this post. Staying competitive implies being in step with the times and even more. With a drop of e-Commerce injected into the thought behind, it becomes clear that this is very applicable to the e-retail industry.

Online merchants -- your target clientele -- create their web stores on different shopping carts. To be able to meet the needs of a larger number of clients, you, as a B2B e-Commerce solution, need to integrate with the platforms they use. Of course, there are shopping platforms they choose more often, but the tendencies -- just as local market preferences -- change.

shopping cart api integration

If you would like to read more on integration with shopping carts and how it would help your kind of business, download a FREE white paper telling about everything you need to know about it. In the manual, you will find the following subtopics covered:

  • what are shopping carts and why to integrate with them
  • what industries it works best for
  • which platforms to integrate with and why
  • what it takes to integrate with them
  • how real companies benefited from shopping cart integration

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