VirtueMart Integration

Published 14 November 2014 | Updated 25 May 2021 | Anastasia Kholod

Perhaps, every vendor has been in the situation of total suspense while conducting online business. And no wonder, the digital market’s conditions are changing continually. So, in order not to be in doldrums and stay competitive, merchants have to tap into innovations and spread them over their trade. Application Programming Interface is the novelty that appears to be a crucial part of the Web and opens new horizons for online service providers.

So, in case you provide inventory and order management systems, dropshipping, mobile app builder, e-mail marketing, PIM or other types of services, API undergirds the technical side of communication between business soft and various shopping carts. It enables merchants to retrieve, add, update, delete and sync all necessary information, including orders, customers, products, categories and other related data.

Which platform to choose to integrate with depends on the business needs, however, when talking about VirtueMart, it’s worth mentioning that connection with this shopping cart will bring 28 000+ of potential clients. Moreover, all the live customers will be satisfied with the new and improved service functionality.

However, establishing integration is not an easy option at all. It requires strong technical skills and knowledge in the specific logic of data storage. Finding a robust solution to perform data interaction will solve the problem.

API2Cart appears to be the service that provides single API to access 40+ shopping carts. Easily connect to such leading solutions like Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop and other platforms. VirtueMart with all versions and editions is in the list of supported carts as well. API2Cart enables online service providers to retrieve, add, update, delete and sync all needed data in no time.

Go through this infographic to find out more about VirtueMart integration and API2Cart as a tool to perform it.

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