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What is the Connection Bridge and why do I need it?

Connection Bridge file is used to retrieve information from your shopping cart via API and implement data interaction between online stores and 3rd party e-Commerce software. This special access gateway is secured by unique token for safe data processing. Right after you register an API2Cart account and start the process of adding a shop you will have to set up Connection Bridge in order to enable data interaction.

There are two ways you can establish Connection Bridge file:

1. Manually download the Bridge to your computer. It will be stored in zip file named “”. Extract the file. It will contain “bridge2cart” folder.Upload it to the store’s root folder via FTP client (WinSCP, FileFTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, etc.)

Note: For Wordpress (WooCommerce, Shopp, WP e-Commerce) or Joomla (AceShop, JooCart, VirtueMart, MijoShop) e-commerce plugins the “bridge2cart” folder should be uploaded to the root directory where your CMS (Wordpress/Joomla) is installed, not your e-commerce plugin directory.

2. Automatically upload the Bridge. For this you have to check the box “Please upload bridge to my store” and provide your FTP details (Host, Port, Login, Password and Store Path).

Now, you can check if the Connection Bridge file have been installed correctly. Simply enter http://[yourstore url]/bridge2cart/bridge.php within your browser address line. If you see this message “ERROR_BRIDGE_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED”, it means the bridge file is working correctly. If not, please set the following permissions:

  • 644 or 666 for "bridge.php", depending on your server configuration
  • 755 or 777 for "/bridge2cart" folder, depending on your server configuration

Note! We strongly recommend to turn off your website redirects to ensure proper functioning of the Connection Bridge file.

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