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What do I need to connect my store to API2Cart?

In order to integrate your client’s store with your business system via API2Cart you will have to:
  • provide API Key/Token and password if it is a hosted platform
  • or use bridge files to establish connection to other carts.
See the full list below (in alphabetic order): Interspirebridge files
3dcartAPI Key
AceShopbridge files
AspDotNetStorefrontAdmin User and password
BigcommerceAPI Path, User Name and API Key / OAuth
CS-Cartbridge files / plugin
CubeCartbridge files
DemandwareAPI Client ID
EbayApp ID, Cert ID, RuName, Access Token OAuth Refresh Token
EtsyKeyString, Shared Secret, Access Token, Secret Token
Gambiobridge files
Interspirebridge files
JooCartbridge files
Lemonstandbridge files
Loaded Commercebridge files
Magentobridge files / plugin
MijoShopbridge files
MobiCartUser Name and API Key
OpenCartbridge files
osCMaxbridge files
osCommercebridge files
Oxidbridge files
Pinnacle Cartbridge files
PrestaShopbridge files / plugin
Shop-Script Premiumbridge files
ShopifyAPI Key and API Password / OAuth
Shoppbridge files
Shopwarebridge files
TomatoCartbridge files
Ubercartbridge files
VirtueMartbridge files
VolusionLogin and encryptedPassword
WooCommercebridge files / plugin
WebAsyst Shop-Scriptbridge files
WPEcommercebridge files
XCartbridge files
Xtcommercebridge files
Xtcommerce Veytonbridge files
Zencartbridge files

For more information about how to get your API Key/Token follow this link.

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