B2B eCommerce News Monthly: Three Tips For B2Bs When Cross-Selling And Upselling

Published 20 August 2018 | Updated 20 August 2018 |

Welcome to the August edition of our regular monthly wrap-up of B2B e-commerce news. Here is the list of topics you will find covered in this article:

1. Three Tips For B2Bs When Cross-Selling And Upselling

The concepts of cross-selling and upselling are time-hallowed marketing orthodoxy. Getting ahead in the upsell and cross-sell game does call for a commitment of time and energy, but the results can be healthy for the bottom line. In this article Caroline Japic shares 3 simple steps to implement these techniques.

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2. 10 Ways B2B Marketers Can Improve Relationships With Sales Teams

In business-to-business (B2B) organizations, sales and marketing departments are traditionally at odds with each other - competing for time, resources and accolades. It doesn’t have to be this way. Francine Carb offers 10 ways you can buck the trend and take more initiative in building ties with your or your clients’ sales teams.

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3. How B2B And B2C Marketing Are Converging Today

For decades, B2B and B2C marketing strategies have largely been kept separate. However, with more access to detailed consumer data than ever before, and increased reliance on social experiences in consumer decision-making, B2B and B2C audience behaviors are converging, as are the marketing strategies used to reach them. In this article Trever Ackerman identifies where B2B and B2C audience behaviors are colliding at.

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4. 84% of B2B buyers tell TimeTrade they don’t hear back when they ask vendors questions

B2B firms may talk a lot about account-based marketing and developing a more one-to-one relationship with customers, but a recent survey from appointment-setting software firm TimeTrade suggests many of them are ignoring direct outreach from potential buyers. Read the article by Shane Schick to find out more.

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5. Magento Commerce discovers why many B2B firms aren’t completely sold on the capabilities of e-commerce tools

More than half of B2B organizations said integration with legacy technologies is hampering their adoption of e-commerce tools and 37 percent say they lack the ability to support various sales channels, according to a research study from Magento Commerce. Get know more details in this article.

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6. B2B Marketing Strategies in Developed & Developing Countries

Interest in developing markets such as China, India, Brazil and Russia has increased rapidly over the past ten years, meaning that market research and intelligence agencies are exploring a wider variety of geographies than ever before. This presents numerous challenges throughout the market research process, for fieldworkers, managers and analysts alike. This article discusses the different insights that tend to arise in different geographies.

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7. What gnarly farmers can teach us about marketing strategy

In this article Peter Morgan assures that agriculture and farmers can teach us some stark lessons on strategy. He explains why B2B marketers need to move slower and think harder about the long-term implications of decisions.

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That’s all for now. Do you have any interesting B2B news you would like to share? Leave the comments in the section below.

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