Top 10 Best API2Cart’s Articles of 2016

Published 30 December 2016 | Updated 24 October 2019 |

Top 10 Best API2Cart’s Articles of 2016

Over the course of 2016, many things happened in API economy and e-commerce. And we have been carefully covering all tendencies and trends in API2Cart blog. Let's see what blog posts of 2016 have gained the most traction.

API Economy

  1. Low-Level vs High-Level API Solutions for Shopping Cart Integration: Which Works Better for What B2B Software Needs
  2. Interview with Matthias Biehl
  3. CRUD Methods in API integrations Clarified
  4. Interview with Matthew Reinbold
  5. REST API Cheat Sheet: Structure Constraints to Define or Design It Right


  1. 6 Technology Trends to Tackle to Remain Relevant in the Logistics Industry
  2. Developing Point of Sale System: Challenges for Growth
  3. Shopping Cart Integration for Augmented & Virtual Reality Commerce Software: Vendor Perspective
  4. APIs for SaaS Vendors: Why A Vital Need?
  5. 8 Ways APIs are Leveraged in eCommerce

Thank you for staying with us and wish you the best in 2017!