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B2B system

6 Ways to Improve Your B2B eCommerce Platform

21 October 2020 |

There is no limit to perfection. Even if your B2B eCommerce platform works smoothly and generates high profit, you always can find a way to improve it. In the age...

Product Attribute Methods Release: Item Data Now More Structured and Detailed

24 June 2020 |

Thought you could retrieve any detail your client would want? Now you can get even more! Let your system know if a product attribute is displayed on the storefront and...

APIs Are Сoming. Welcome to B2B Sharing Economy

24 April 2020 |

Continuing our blog series where tech specialist talks about API, I want to present to you an article, written by Mehdi Medjaoui, the founder of Webshell. This post outlines major...

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