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What eCommerce Databases are and How B2B Software Works with Them

6 July 2020 |

Data is driving business growth and opportunities, but only for those who know how to handle data efficiently. It is particularly true of eCommerce business, as it involves processing large...

B2B eCommerce Monthly: B2B Companies Can Go to School on B2C Websites

6 July 2020 |

We are excited to present a new series on the API2Cart Blog - B2B eCommerce Monthly. In the series, we will overview the useful and the important of B2B eCommerce...

The Role and Importance of eCommerce B2B Integration

6 July 2020 |

Maintaining a solid B2B integration strategy is critical for companies that want to efficiently exchange and communicate data with their partners, suppliers, and customers. Many vendors are investing in the...

How to Make the Most of Product Attribute Data: B2B Perspective

1 July 2020 |

It seems like product data has deeply entwined with every possible aspect of the retail business. It is what buyers consider when deciding whether to buy this or that item...

Shopping Сart APIs for B2B eCommerce: the Role and Importance

1 July 2020 |

eCommerce business is highly interconnected and interdependent, especially it is true of B2B services as they mostly rely on shopping carts. Running this kind of business in isolation can hardly...

A Guide to Elaborating an Integration Strategy for Your eCommerce B2B System

30 June 2020 |

Applications usually don’t function in isolation. It is especially true of B2B systems that often rely on many interconnections and interdependencies with other applications and platforms to form a whole...

Empower Your Business with Magento Shipping Integration

13 July 2020 |

In this article, you will find more information connected to the aspects of Magneto shipping integration. We decided to reveal this topic because the competition in the shipping management software...

Guide to Shopping Cart Integration for B2B Software Company

28 July 2020 |

Staying competitive on the B2B software market implies being in step with the times and even more. In most cases, winning customers’ attention takes having at least slightly more to...

WooCommerce Inventory Integration as Your Key to B2B Success

23 June 2020 |

As an inventory management software provider, you might wonder why WooCommerce inventory integration is supposed to be a beneficial business enhancement. Well, there indeed are some reasons for that, and...

A Checklist for Success or How to Make Your Business Prosper

28 April 2020 |

Being a businessman means working much in order to make the most of your current or potential service. Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce is a good online sector that can turn out...

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