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How to Implement Etsy Integration With Chatbots

8 October 2020 |

Chatbots for eCommerce are collaborative tools that automate basic communication operations. Nevertheless, as artificial intelligence is proliferating, chatbots are predicted to become more specialized over time. In general, they could...

Chatbot eCommerce Integration: Expand Your Business Possibilities

21 February 2020 |

As a chatbot software provider, you definitely want to grow as much as possible in your niche and increase the number of potential customers. You need to be able to...

How to implement PrestaShop Integration With Your Chatbot Solution

14 January 2020 |

As a chatbot software provider, you probably already know that professional and constant integration with marketplaces and shopping carts is critical for your success. Shopping cart integration powers the vast...

10 Features of Chatbots That are Highly Important for eCommerce Businesses

23 September 2020 |

eCommerce store owners use a great number of computer programs that allow them to automate their business activity and improve customer service. One of such software that these businesses are...

Simple Way for Chatbots to Gather Data for Cart Recovery

12 October 2020 |

Cart abandonment has become sore for all eCommerce businesses. In fact, the number of incomplete purchases online is 74.2 % for all industries combined, according to statistics, as of 2018....

Top 10 Chatbot Building Platforms for Ecommerce in 2020

24 September 2020 |

Today chatbots moved from the edge to mainstream. They are being increasingly used by companies of any size to improve customer service, boost sales and minimize human efforts. What’s more,...

Debunking 5 Myths about Chatbots

15 September 2020 |

Over the last years chatbots have been gaining ground in the eCommerce market, bringing a new insight into retail and customer support. This technology has changed the way we buy,...

API2Cart API Methods for eCommerce Chatbots

8 October 2020 |

Online retailers are always enthusiastic about implementing new technologies that may win them new sales. Chatbots hit the market quite recently, but have already promoted themselves as one of the...

How Chatbots Help eCommerce Businesses (Infographic)

14 August 2020 |

This is a guest post by Ameya Deshpande. Ameya is a Communications Assistant at Market Inspector, a B2B digital marketplace for comparing quotes and offers from a range of suppliers....

Why Chatbots are Poised for Growth in eCommerce

29 September 2020 |

With the whole world gone online, a generation of mobile-native consumers is now a new boss in the house. They set their rules, express love and hate through emojis, and...

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