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data feed management

6 Must-Have Features for Data Feed Management Software

18 June 2020 |

Staying competitive on the market, if you’ve already got your data feed management (DFM) solution there, or becoming competitive in case you’re working on creating the DFM service is tough....

Secrets of Data Feed Management: 5 Metadata Challenges You Will Have to Fight

11 June 2020 |

Running a complex business with numerous branches or points of sale scattered in different geographical locations requires very well organized data exchange. No less vital here is timely and correct...

Data Feed Management Solutions for Your Online Business

8 May 2020 |

So, you have started your successful e-commerce business, and it works just as expected - people buy your products. The next thing you might want to do is to send...

Data Feed Management Integration: Raise an Eminence in eCommerce

3 April 2020 |

Data feed management tool optimizes products listing on various shopping channels like eBay, Google Shopping, Amazon, Kelkoo and others. One of the main benefits that are provided by the service...

Jacques van der Wilt: API Technology Is a Key Ingredient in Our Business

4 March 2020 |

Editor’s note: Today we have a pleasure to interview a person with more than 20 years of Internet business experience - Jacques van der Wilt, the founder and CEO at...

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