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import orders

How to Import Orders from PrestaShop

1 October 2020 |

No matter how much SaaS applications have advanced lately, the essence of importing data from eCommerce platforms remains the same. Your software must be able to import orders from various...

How to Retrieve Orders from Shopping Platforms and Process Them By Your Software

25 September 2020 |

Multichannel software providers that want to get an edge on the market and stay ahead of the curve need to know exactly how to properly retrieve orders from shopping platforms...

How to Import WooCommerce Orders into Your System?

9 September 2020 |

As a SaaS app provider looking to import WooCommerce orders into your system, it becomes mandatory for you to know how to use the simplest and most effective way to...

One Simple Way to Get Orders from eCommerce platforms

6 August 2020 |

Marketing automation is a must-have for any business. With the help of marketing automation systems they can send offers, discounts or a series of automated emails, identify, track and engage...

Easy Way to Pull Products, Product Images, Attributes from eCommerce Platforms

21 September 2020 |

Are you running a marketing automation software for online retailers? If the answer to this question is yes, then probably you need to pull products, product images, and attributes from...

How to Automate Order Import from Shopping Platforms?

9 October 2020 |

API2Cart offers simple options for automated order import from stores To automate order shipping and fulfillment for online retailers, shipping management software need to automate order import from stores in...

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