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marketplace integration

Integration with Etsy: Proven Way To Grow Your Business [Infographic]

10 January 2020 |

Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces, where online retailers sell their unique goods. It is widely used by those who follow the dropshipping model of business. The number...

How to Get Started with eBay Integration [Infographic]

3 January 2020 |

Do you provide order and inventory management, shipping management, repricing, mobile apps builder, marketing automation, PIM, ERP or other types of services for retailers? Are you interested in the connection...

eBay Integration for SaaS App Providers

11 December 2019 |

The complexity in managing customer data and processing orders is a challenge for online sellers. They need to use shipping, order and inventory, warehouse management, marketing automation software, etc. to...

Amazon Integration for SaaS App Providers

9 December 2019 |

As a SaaS app provider, you are probably well aware of the huge importance of perfect integration with Amazon and enabling your clients who sell their products on this marketplace...

How Etsy eCommerce Integration can Strengthen Your SaaS App Solution

2 December 2019 |

Selling physical products on Etsy is definitely a choice most people don’t regret making. In fact, with over 39 million buyers worldwide, Etsy is the right place to sell. Retailers...

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