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Interview with Janis Rose

10 June 2020 |

We have had a pleasure to interview Janis Rose, Co-Founder and CEO of Mailigen, a robust e-mail marketing platform. In the interview, he shares his experience and reveals what people...

Upcoming Updates: Magento Multi-Store Data Is Soon to Be Yours

31 July 2017 |

Multiple store creation from within one admin panel is no longer a merchant's fantasy. Magento, Opencart and some other shopping carts have done their best to grant vendors with such...

API Blog Posts: The Pick of This Spring

8 May 2020 |

There are only a few spring days left this year which gets us nostalgic about what has been done in these three months. This remembrance resulted in the blog post reviewing...

The Whats and Hows of Hypermedia APIs

8 May 2020 |

Building applications for different platforms, you have probably tried different sorts of APIs. Just in case you have not had a chance to enjoy the charm of hypermedia API, here...

March-April Updates from API2Cart

8 May 2020 |

Much has been done in the last two months. API2Cart tech team did an arduous work to give you more. A few API methods are now supported for some of...

"API for Dummies": API2Cart Review

6 May 2020 |

It has been a while since we have reviewed a book. This time we are focusing on a piece of writing that makes a brilliant manual for a person lacking...

Java API Design: A Checklist to Consider

28 April 2020 |

Never tired of searching for interesting topics for you, this time we stumbled upon a checklist for Java API design that impressed us with its great detalization. In his article,...

Must-Read API Blog Posts: A Pre-Warm Quarter Review

28 April 2020 |

It is almost the end of March which intends that winter is no longer coming. ;) Well, at least for the next six months for sure. Meanwhile, the first quarter...

The Remarkable Find of The Week: a Completely New Look on REST

29 September 2020 |

Surfing around the Internet in search of sudden inspiration this morning, we came across a hilarious article that we cannot but share with you. Its value rises even higher with...

"Building Successful APIs": API2Cart Review

24 April 2020 |

The topic under consideration for today is an e-book that is worth being discussed. "Building Successful APIs" is free to download from the official website of SOA Software, Inc., the...

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