6 Tips for Growing eCommerce Startup Software

14 August 2019 |

Establishing a successful eCommerce startup software is hard work which demands constant improvements to be done. Due to the wide range of ideas and growth hacks, it’s often difficult to...

How to easily gather store data for abandoned cart emails

12 August 2019 |

An abandoned cart is a term that describes visitors of online stores who add goods to their shopping carts, fill in some of their data but interrupt the purchasing process...

abandoned cart

How Can ERP Expand Modern Businesses?

14 August 2019 |

When every website seems to have its own definition and idea for how ERP can and should be implemented, what can you do to make sense of things? While ERP...

How to Increase Your B2B eCommerce Software Sales

7 August 2019 |

For you, as a b2b eCommerce software provider, it is vital to constantly increase your sales. This task can be not so simple because you have to connect not with...

ecommerce software sales

API Digest #109: APIs show Faster Growth Rate in 2019 than Previous Years

12 August 2019 |

API2Cart continues to collect the most interesting API-related articles and news to deliver them to you via our digest. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the...

How to find investors for a startup

2 August 2019 |

Software development sometimes can be costly. First of all, you need to have a profitable and detailed business plan for your startup and to know exactly how much funding do...

investors for startup

API2Cart is celebrating 7 years!

2 August 2019 |

August is a special time of year for us, as that’s when we celebrate API2Cart birthday! This month we turn 7 years old. We would like to thank each and...

You Asked, We Heard: 7 Amazing June-July 2019 Product Updates

31 July 2019 |

We at API2Cart has been busy working on new features, updates and improvements. So, here we are again with a fresh set of updates that can help you improve your...

7 Hottest Trends That Will Change eCommerce in the Near Future

30 July 2019 |

2018 was a very successful year for eCommerce because global sales revenues evaluated to have reached $2.8 trillion. This figure is expected to rise to $4.88 trillion in 2021. With...

ecommerce trends

3 Signs That Your eCommerce B2B Software Needs Third-Party Solution

26 July 2019 |

For your eCommerce B2B Software, store data is an inevitable part of your business process whether you are order management system, shipping management, marketing automation, price optimization, or any other...

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