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API Digest #80. Operating a Real-World API, From Zero to 3 Million Calls

23 October 2017 |

API Digest is back with the traditional at-a-glance survey of recent API news, articles, and insights. In today’s issue you will find a brief overview of the following articles: What...

API Integration State in 2017

20 October 2017 |

Just 15 years ago app development sounded like something complex and distant, and nowadays we commonly discuss the features and techniques to improve it. Just recently software developers were the...

B2B eCommerce News Monthly: Will Amazon Handmade Kill Etsy?

18 October 2017 |

We are back with our regular monthly wrap-up of B2B eCommerce news and useful articles. Here is the list of topics you will find covered in this article: From Shopping...

API2Cart Supports Webhooks for BigCommerce, OpenCart, and PrestaShop

12 October 2017 |

We are glad to announce our latest feature update: webhooks support for BigCommerce, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. Webhooks can significantly enhance your operational performance. In particular, thanks to API2Cart webhooks you...

shopping cart webhooks

Integrations Are The Future Of Retail Technology

12 October 2017 |

Retail business has seen unprecedented changes in the past decade - the emergence of marketplaces. Traditional retailers, big and small, thus saw the need to be present across multiple channels...

Integrations Are The Future Of Retail Technology

API Digest #79. API Economy Boosting Principles

10 October 2017 |

API2Cart continues to collect the most interesting API-related articles and news to deliver them to you via our fortnightly digest. So grab a cup of coffee and start your week...

Why on Earth Would Anyone Choose an IPaaS?

6 October 2017 |

What is wrong about developing integration yourself? What is right about choosing a third-party solution instead? This is going to be a topic of today’s discussion. Recently I went out...


Best of August and September Blogs

3 October 2017 |

There must be no more joy and sadness as during August and September: saying farewell to another summer story and welcoming cold autumn days. For us, it is time of...

Best of August and September Blogs

You Asked, We Heard: 5 Amazing September 2017 Product Updates

29 September 2017 |

On behalf of the whole API2Cart, I would like to proudly announce our new features and updates which can improve our clients’ experience. Among them: webhooks for BigCommerce, new methods...

API2Cart Product Update

API Digest #78. API is the Gateway Drug of Programming

6 October 2017 |

Hello to all API enthusiasts! Here is our fresh survey of recent API-related news and articles. In API Digest #78, you can find a brief overview of the following articles:...

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