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How to Import Customers from Multiple eCommerce Platforms via One API

10 July 2020 |

Today eCommerce software vendors such as order management, marketing automation, warehouse management providers should have some kind of integration with different eCommerce platforms to compete on the marketplace. Integration with...

How to Connect to Zen Cart API

8 July 2020 |

Zen Cart API Connection: Main Benefits for SaaS App Vendors If you are running a B2B software for retailers, you probably think about the development of integration with a high...

8 Creative & Effective Ways to Attract Clients to Your B2B SaaS Solution

19 June 2020 |

It’s no doubt that clients are the lifeblood of every business. It is also obvious that no clients equal no business. But what if traditional methods of attracting new clients...

All You Need to Know About SaaS API Integration with eCommerce Platforms

15 June 2020 |

Staying competitive in 2020 implies getting your customers’ attention and offering them superior services that they cherish and love. As a SaaS app provider, it becomes imperative to stay on...

8 Ways for B2B SaaS Companies to Accelerate US Market Entry

11 June 2020 |

SaaS businesses have gained popularity in many countries since the digital revolution began and most companies are digitalizing their operations. Although B2B SaaS solutions are needed globally, the U.S is...

How to Perform Salesforce Commerce Cloud ERP Integration

11 June 2020 |

As an ERP solution provider, you are well aware of the importance to quickly and seamlessly manage all the processes related to e-stores. It includes processing orders, monitoring inventory levels,...

eCommerce Data Integration: Pitfalls and Benefits

4 June 2020 |

Data has been used in nearly all areas of the eCommerce business. It is what consumers take into account when making decisions. It is what online merchants use to give...

Shopware API Integration: Why and How to Perform It?

1 June 2020 |

Are you a SaaS app provider who wants to succeed in 2020? If the answer is yes, then you need to be able to outsmart your competitors and get more...

Top 6 Important Metrics for SaaS Business

28 May 2020 |

eCommerce has opened doors for all sizes of businesses to play on the global stage. However, to do so, they require relevant software to operate smoothly and automate all of...

How to Develop the Integration with Ecwid

25 May 2020 |

A growing number of eCommerce software vendors are coming to realize the benefits of integration with Ecwid. This modern shopping platform is used by countless e-shop owners from all over...

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