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Updated 31 May 2024 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

If you are a software provider for eСommerce, you know that today the competition is fierce and you have to look for new ways to expand your revenue and stay ahead of your competitors. One of the ways to succeed is by developing integrations with eCommerce platforms. Shoplazza is a promising eCommerce platform that you should consider for integration. When you connect Shoplazza with your software you can significantly increase your customer base and market share.

This article focuses on some aspects of Shoplazza integration and provides insights on how to easily connect your software with Shoplazza and other shopping platforms. If you are interested in deepening your currently implemented solutions or in creating new ones, working with Shoplazza can become a turning point for your company.

Shoplazza Overview and Brief Statistics

Shoplazza is a new eCommerce platform that provides powerful features and tools for creating an online store. It is specifically designed for small businesses and large enterprises. Its tools help to optimize the site for search engines, simplify shipping, and increase payment security. Despite being smaller than some well-established platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, Shoplazza is steadily gaining recognition in the eCommerce market.

Shoplazza currently has 21,000 active stores using its services. Specifically, by the first quarter of 2024, the merchant stores based on Shoplazza increased by a significant 9%. This growth is well distributed across countries, with the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong being the leading countries.

Shoplazza offers developers a RESTful API to access and manage store data such as order, product, customer, and stock data. Using this API, software developers can connect Shoplazza with their own interfaces to facilitate information exchange.

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Why You Need to Connect Shoplazza with Your Software?

There are several great benefits when you integrate your eCommerce software with Shoplazza. Let's explore them in details.

  • Increased Reach and Potential Customers: Thousands of merchants worldwide actively use the Shoplazza platform and your eCommerce software will be marketed to this large audience.
  • Enhanced Functionality and Value: By integrating with Shoplazza, your application will generate more value for the merchants using this platform. Access to store data allows you to provide merchants with new features and functionality.
  • Competitive Advantage: Shoplazza integration enables your software to be differentiated from competitors, strengthening your market position and increasing your revenue.
  • Increase Your Income: Dealing with more clients, providing services to as many people as possible, as well as expanding your company's activities at the international level can increase your revenues a lot. When your business goes global, a large number of people around the globe will learn about your services and approach you for better SaaS solutions. This increased exposure and clientele will ultimately lead to more revenue for your business.

However, this is where the problem lies. Developing integration with eCommerce platforms including Shoplazza is complex. The process requires constant maintenance and support. Luckily, using third-party tools you can overcome these and other challenges and easily connect Shoplazza and other shopping platforms with your software.

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Getting Started with Shoplazza

Instead of developing a connection with Shoplazza-specific API, you can use a unified API provided by API2Cart to integrate with 40+ other shopping platforms and marketplaces, including Shoplazza. This leads to a high efficiency of development time and lower support costs than when developing the integration in-house. Thus, utilizing the API2Cart, developers can create an integration that simultaneously functions across all the supported platforms. It enables to avoid the writing of multiple codes for each of the platforms. Moreover, data such as products, orders, or customers can be easily accessed by developers and modified through a uniform interface.

API2Cart offers many API methods that allow: product information update, orders synchronization, inventory information updates, etc. The data is updated in real-time so you are assured that your software has the actual data from Shoplazza.

This single API coupled with the existing features and mapping that you receive, lets you concentrate on what matters: innovation and creating value for your clients. Try API2Cart free of charge and discover the numerous advantages of using this solution.

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Shoplazza is an effective eCommerce solution that allows businesses to create and run an online store. However, from the developers’ point of view to connect Shoplazza with your software can be quite a challenging and a time-consuming process.

It is at this juncture that API2Cart comes into the picture. API2Cart is an API integration tool for developers to integrate with multiple shopping cart solutions including Shoplazza.

Using API2Cart, integration with Shoplazza can take much less time and resources, which, in turn, benefits developers. It enables to minimize the difficulties inherent in establishing and maintaining connections with multiple eCommerce platforms. This makes the integration process efficient and effective, thus making the services offered to be excellent.

To test API2Cart for free, schedule a free call with a manager to create an account with the service.

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