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Updated 7 December 2023 |

We walk through the steps eCommerce software developers need to take to leverage Shoplazza API and unlock the potential of seamless integration with Shoplazza, a booming eCommerce platform. This is a vast article through which we explore the details of building a strong connection with Shoplazza providing valuable recommendations and useful information.

No matter if you are an experienced developer or a newcomer in eCommerce-based software, this tutorial will guide you through the key points, practices and provide some useful tips for effective integration. Come with us to make your software more competent on the market via a robust Shoplazza integration.

What is Shoplazza?

Shoplazza is a cloud-based eCommerce platform which helps businesses to establish and run their online stores. Offers different features for the control of products as well as a customizable store on the web.

Currently, Shoplazza powers more than 32,000 online stores. It is extremely popular in the United States, where more than 19,000 stores are built on this platform. Also, it is widely used among e-merchants from such countries as China, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Hong Kong. 

So, in case you want your software to increase its popularity, it is a good option for you to connect it with the Shoplazza platform. 

How to Use Shoplazza API?

Shoplazza offers developers a set of REST APIs. With these APIs, one can read/write merchant data (access and modify order information, product information, customer details, stock related info etc.) Further, they allow the software devs to integrate Shoplazza with their interfaces to facilitate smooth interchange of information.

Types of APIs provided by Shoplazza:

  • REST Admin API: For developers, who wish to handle stores and work with the Shoplazza admin panel.

  • Shoplazza App API: Supports the construction of apps that expand on Shoplazza functionality, such as front-end integrations for the online store.

  • Payment App API: Build payment apps for the Shoplazza checkout.

What are the Main Benefits of Integrating with Shoplazza?

Integrating your software with Shoplazza offers several significant benefits:

  1. Increased reach and potential customers. On Shoplazza, you find a large market for your eCommerce software due to such many merchants from all around the world. Shoplazza also caters for companies in different countries thus widening area of your customer base.

  2. Enhanced functionality and value: Combine your software with core Shoplazza’s features to provide merchants with an all-in-one solution.

  3. Improved user experience and satisfaction. Integrate your software with the Shoplazza platform and offer merchants a seamless UX.

  4. Increased software awareness and exposure. And by connecting with Shoplazza, you will be boosting the recognition and exposure of your eCommerce software in the eCommerce industry.

  5. Improved market competitiveness: Developing the integration with platforms like Shoplazza differentiates your software from competitors and strengthens your market position.

The Examples of Software Solutions that Can Benefit from Connecting with API of Shoplazza

Let's explore a few examples of how eCommerce software providers can benefit from integrating with Shoplazza API.

Marketing automation tools can be connected to Shoplazza for being able to provide its e-merchants with features related to the automation of email and social media campaigns.

Inventory management solution can Integrate with Shoplazza for stock updates in real-time to help e-retailers eliminate overselling and optimize stocks.

Shipping and fulfillment management software can connect to Shoplazza for seamless order processing and delivery workflow.

Accounting and tax solutions having access to Shoplazza data can automate e-retailers' accounting, expense tracking, and tax calculation operations.

Payment gateway integration with this platform gives a chance to Shoplazza e-merchants to have multiple payment gateway options to ensure a seamless and safe paying experience.

How to Develop the Connection with Shoplazza API Easily?

With API2Cart unified API, you can integrate your eCommerce software with Shoplazza and 40+ other platforms and solve all the issues related to this process, so you will not have to build each integration separately.

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Here's how you can leverage API2Cart to connect with Shoplazza API easily:

  1. Sign up for API2Cart:

  2. Sign up for your API2Cart account and choose the subscription plan you want. You can test API2Cart functionality for 30 days for free.

  3. Add Shoplazza stores:

  4. Once you have the necessary API credentials, connect your Shoplazza store to API2Cart. There are also elaborate instructions and guidelines for the connection setup in API2Cart.

  5. Utilize API2Cart's unified API:

  6. Rather than working with Shoplazza’s original API, using the unified API by using the interface of API2Cart would provide all the features for interaction with Shoplazza. This facilitates the development process and saves a lot of time otherwise spent on familiarization with Shoplazza’s peculiarities in this regard.

  7. Access Shoplazza data and functions:

  8. API2Cart generally acts as an intermediary between Shoplazza and your software by allowing you to access, add, and delete all the needed Shoplazza store data.

You can book a free demo call and explore how API2Cart can help you connect to the Shoplazza API.