Extend the pool of your potential clients with 1 million of e-store owners

Power up the value proposition with 30+ shopping cart integration including industry leaders: Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce and others. Altogether it is more than 80% of entire e-Commerce industry that equals 1+ million of e-stores as your potential customers

1 million for e-store

Cost and resource effective integration development

Save time and efforts on finding experts in each shopping cart or training your personnel to be the one. Our unified API is like a single key for multiple doors. Once you’ve established integration with one platform, it means you have it for 30 more. Which is 30 times easier, faster and less expensive than in any other way


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API2Cart is a part of MagenticOne family, a company that started its way in e-Commerce in 2001 and has more than a 100 000 of happy customers in 150 countries worldwide. Moreover, API2Cart possesses 3 years of shopping cart API integration experience which has resulted in a dozen of happy clients and 3000+ e-stores integrated

Industry except

Reliable and secure shopping cart API integration provider

99,9% service uptime is guaranteed. Also, a 32-symbol unique API Key and SSL connection are going to ensure data interaction security


Full technical support and assistance

A dedicated support manager as well as a team of developers are here to help you with any issues and challenges. Furthermore, API2Cart can broaden functionality and opportunities on your request, thus, meeting your unique business needs and requirements

support and assistance

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Each and every feature is available for free. The only limitation is a number of API calls (10 000) and concurrent requests (5) you can perform. Need more for test driving? Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can work together to empower your business

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