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What API2Cart Clients Say

David Holden

David Holden

Product Director at ProSKU

We use Api2Cart for our customer integrations and have found them to be very helpful and responsive to any issues we have faced.Integration across so many variants and versions of shopping carts gets complicated very quickly and their expertise has helped us smooth over this process. I would recommend them to anyone looking to simplify their integrations.

Nick Spooner

Nick Spooner

CEO at

Consistently Amazing - …the API and the infrastructure we use for shopping carts is built by a solid software engineering team we've known for is a mission-critical order management platform for wholesalers. Our due diligence selected API2Cart as the best in its class. They’ve connected over 50 carts. It’s how they earn their living, and they’re probably best there is on Earth at cart integration and supporting a critical part of your business.


Andre Borgstrom

Solutions Architect at WebInterpret

I have been using API2Cart since beginning of 2014 for our new webstores product. We have successfully integrated close to 100 stores and are currently doing 5 new stores every week.We started with the standard plan (shared hosting) and in 2015 we upgraded to a dedicated server to increase the number of monthly and concurrent API requests. As an ecommerce company with more than 20,000 online sellers security is very important for us. During the time that we have used API2Cart we have not had any problems related to security. The support that API2Cart provide us with is excellent. Communication is quick and the expertise from their engineers have helped us to successfully integrate API2Cart with our own platform.

Gerrit Valkenburg

Gerrit Valkenburg

Director at SforSoftware

We use API2CART now for more then a year. Several customers of our application are succesfully connected to this platform. So far we are very happy with the product and the service as well! Keep up the good work!

Mat Warren

Matt Warren

Founder of Veeqo

We have been working with you now for nearly 2 years now and your support is fantastic, one of the best I have worked with plus we have never had any security issues with you.

Jacques van der Wilt

Jacques van der Wilt

Founder and CEO at DataFeedWatch

An API connection to shopping carts is the best way to work with merchants. Managing all those connections is a lot of work and requires a lot of knowledge. By using API2Cart we don't need to spend the time and effort to create and maintain all these connections.

Igor Soloviev

Igor Soloviev

Co-Owner and CEO of UniSender

Cooperation with API2Cart is a great opportunity for UniSender to become more accessible for e-commerce platforms users. For us it’s fast and profitable since API2Cart supports integration with dozens of shopping carts thus providing secure and reliable integration. For our users it’s even more opportunities to quickly and securely transfer their client’s contact information from the most popular platforms into UniSender and start an e-mail marketing campaign immediately.

Raj Acutrack

Raj Barman

Founder and CEO at Acutrack

Thank you, API2Cart. Your API has helped us integrate with a new platform. You are a big part of our success.


Josephine Tirtanata

Technology Director at iHuntington Consulting

So far API2Cart has been great! Simple and functional. I really liked the collector class from the code sample. It’s so easy to call the functions I want through that.

Davide Murru

Davide Murru

Head of Development at AppsBuilder

At AppsBuilder we have been using API2Cart for over a year and so far over 100 of our clients have successfully used it to connect to the eCommerce provider of their choice. We have found the security of API2Cart to be excellent , and are confident that our clients' data and that of their customers in turn is more than adequately protected. We have certainly not encountered any problems of a security nature and nor do we expect to.

Mike Holt

Mike Holt

Director at MobiCart

API2Cart enables us to support synchronization to any of the e-Commerce carts that our customers use. This means we can focus on what we do best, enabling turnkey mobile commerce applications.

Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine

Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine

former CEO at MobiCart

We are delighted to be working with API2Cart and be able to offer our mCommerce solution to hundreds of thousands of eCommerce store owners looking to go mobile. Being invited as part of the API2Cart network means any eCommerce store owner can easily synchronise their store with MobiCart.

Oleg Lesov

Oleg Lesov

CEO (Chief Executive Optimist), SoftCube LLC

We have finally succeeded in getting our first client adding the store to API2Cart. And the API worked! Pure magic. I simply press the button and receive all the necessary information. This thing is really awesome. 


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