Effective Date

This Privacy Policy is effective and last updated as of March 15, 2021.

At API2Cart, we are committed to protecting your private personal information. This privacy policy explains what information we collect and how API2Cart uses it. This Privacy Policy applies to API2Cart company and the official website www.api2cart.com (the "Website") and service web application https://app.api2cart.com.

1. Information That You Provide To Us

1.1 Account and Registration Information:

1.1.1 We ask for and collect personal information about you such as your name, phone number, email address, as well as certain related information like your company name and website name, when you voluntarily provide it while registering for an account to access or utilize API2Cart API.

1.1.2 If you sign-up for a free trial Account, you are not required to enter your credit card information unless and until you decide to continue with a paid subscription to our Services. A third-party intermediary (PayPro, PayPal) is used to manage credit card processing. This intermediary is not permitted to store, retain, or use your billing information for any purpose except for credit card processing on our behalf.

1.2 Website Form Submissions:

1.2.1. We ask for and collect personal information (your name, telephone, email address) from you when you submit web forms on our website or as you use interactive features of the website, including voting for planned platforms, downloading white papers or other materials, scheduling a call or a demo, or otherwise communicating with us.

2. Information That We Collect From You on our Websites

2.1. We use cookies to improve our website and visitor experience. This technology provides us with information regarding your interactions with our website, what pages are being used, what devices and browsers you use to access our website.

2.2. We do not use cookies to collect any personally identifiable and sensitive information without your express consent.

2.3. We use cookies for the following purposes:

2.3.1. Authentication

These cookies are associated with your account in order to remember that you are logged in.

2.3.2. Performance and Analytics

We use cookies to collect analytics information. They allow us to analyze website traffic and visitor behaviour, which show us our website and service performance, so that we can improve our website and service.

For that, we may place tracking cookies from third parties, like Google Analytics, Hubspot and Inspectlet.

2.3.3. Marketing

We may use cookies to track our marketing campaigns performances.

We only use this information for statistical analysis purposes and improving visitor experience. This helps us analyze website traffic, understand and improve visitor experience on our website.

3. How We Use Information That We Collect

3.1. We may use the information we collect about you (including personal information) for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Enable you to access and use our Service.
  • Provide, operate, maintain and improve our Service.
  • Process and complete transactions, and send you related information, like subscription confirmations and invoices.
  • Send transactional messages, including responses to your inquiries and questions.
  • Provide customer service and support.
  • Send you technical notices, updates, security alerts.

3.2. Data collection forms include a consent confirmation checkboxes. With your explicit consent, we may use contact information you provide for the following purposes:

  1. Send follow-up emails from the API2Cart team to see if we can help you further with shopping cart integration.
  2. Send special offers we think you'll find valuable.
  3. Contact you regarding functionality changes to our product.
  4. Send occasional product updates and promotions.
  5. Send regular monthly product updates.

3.3. You can choose to “opt out” of these communications anytime. To opt out of any email communications from us, please click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the foot of the email in question.

3.4. API2Cart don’t sell or rent your personal information to third parties.

4. Third-Party Service Integration

4.1. API2Cart unified data interface allows you to get and manage information from stores that are based on different shopping platforms. To do this and protect API2Cart users from unauthorized access to information we get and transfer, we need to store credentials for third-party services (shopping carts and marketplaces). We store credentials in our database. They are only used to access data you tell us to.

4.2. We don’t store any of the pass-through data from online stores and other API endpoints, but only transmit it via API requests.

4.3. API2Cart stores service logs and account activity of our users for 30 days.

5. Information Security

5.1. We protect API2Cart users from unauthorized access to information we collect. In particular:

  • We encrypt our service using SSL.
  • We control our data collection, storage and processing practices to prevent unauthorized access to API2Cart systems.
  • APi2Cart workers are only authorized to access data that they reasonably must handle in order to fulfill their current job responsibilities. They are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination and criminal prosecution, if they fail to meet these obligations.
  • We do not share your personal details with outside third parties without your consent.

5.2. We take all reasonable measures to protect your data, but in case of data breach we will report about it within 72 hour from discovering about the data breach, in accordance with GDPR timeframes. If you suppose your personal information might be leaked, please contact us.

6. Retention of Personal Information

6.1. We retain Personal Information that you provide us as long as we consider it potentially useful in contacting you about the service. If you wish to inquire about your personal data that may have been collected by API2Cart, contact us.

6.2. If your account is not active for a period of 90 days (no API calls, webhooks and log ins are made), we send you an email notification with information about the deletion and instructions on how to keep the account active if desired.

7. How to Withdraw Your Consent

7.1. At any time, you may withdraw consent you have provided to API2Cart for using, disclosing, or otherwise processing your Personal Data.

7.2. You may withdraw your consent by submitting contact us form or emailing us at api2cart@api2cart.com, and following the instructions in our communication to you.

7.3. Please note that your withdrawal of consent to process certain Personal Data about you may limit our ability to deliver services to you.

8. We Keep Your Data Safe and Private

8.1. When it comes to protecting your private information, we’ve got it locked down tighter than Alcatraz. We partner with Amazon Web Services, use 128-bit SSL encryption, and create daily backups. And we never, EVER disclose any data to third-parties without your permission. Rest easy, nothing’s getting out of here alive.

9. GDPR compliance

9.1. API2Cart strongly committed to privacy, security, compliance and transparency.

9.2. We have taken a set of measures to get compliant with EU data protection requirements that are set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), which becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018.

9.3. API2Cart guarantee that our customers and Website visitors can:

  • Learn what type of information API2Cart collects and how it may use it.
  • Request to correct, amend or delete their personal data.
  • Inquire about their personal data collected by API2Cart.
  • Withdraw the consent for personal data processing.

10. Enforcement

10.1. API2Cart ensures constant compliance with this Privacy Policy.

10.2. If you have questions or suggestions regarding Privacy Policy, please contact API2Cart Team at api2cart@api2cart.com.

10.3. As soon as any written complaint is received, API2Cart takes the responsibility to contact the complaining user with the necessary solutions.

10.4 We will cooperate with the appropriate regulatory authorities to resolve any complaints regarding the transfer of personal data that cannot be resolved between API2Cart and an individual.

11. Changes

11.1 We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time.

11.2 If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes, on this page and if the changes are significant we will notify you previously.

11.3 We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your agreement.

12. Additional Terms for California Consumers

The information below is required due to the “The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018” (the “CCPA”). The terms below apply to the State of California residents additionally to the rest terms of this Privacy Policy.


12.1.1. Due to the CCPA California residents are provided with specific rights regarding the collection and storage of their personal information.

12.1.2. California residents may apply to us with requests as detailed below by contacting us by submitting contact us form or by emailing to dpo@api2cart.com.

12.1.3. No Discrimination. We will not discriminate against any consumer for exercising their rights under the CCPA.

12.1.4. CCPA Information Request Rights You have the right to request the provision of the following information about our collection and use of your personal information over the preceding twelve (12) months. If upon receipt of a verifiable consumer request has been confirmed through our review of the information you provide in your request, we will disclose to you:

  1. The categories of personal information we have collected about you.
  2. The categories of sources from which the personal information is collected.
  3. The business or commercial purpose for collecting that personal information.
  4. The categories of third parties with whom we share or have shared that personal information.
  5. The specific pieces of personal information we collected about you.

12.1.5. CCPA Deletion Request Rights You have the right to request that we delete any of the Personal Information collected from you and retained, subject to certain exceptions and your verification. Your request to delete the Personal Information collected may be denied if it is necessary for us to retain your information under one or more exceptions listed in the CCPA.


12.2.1. We do not sell personal information collected about you to third parties.

12.2.2. We do not share your personal information with outside third parties without your consent, unless instructed by you for the purpose of providing you the Services.