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To avoid the complexity of technical explanations, it is what makes it possible for you, as a businessman, to retrieve and manipulate the necessary store data from shopping cart databases.
It is a string of characters that is used to get access to the shop's data. Read more in order to find the credentials needed to add the store. These credentials are unique for each hosted platform.
They represent the operations you can perform over the store data. For instance, the order.add API method indicates that you can add orders made by your clients.
It is a string of characters that is given in order to identify the user. In other words, it acts as a form of authentication, which leads to access control.
See a detailed explanation here.
It is a software that provides all the necessary tools for merchants to build their e-stores.
These are requests going through simultaneously in a split second.
It is a shop created online to run the dealing on the web.
It is a  response string carrying certain data.
These are used to upload a bridge in order to specify connection with self-hosted carts.
These are shopping platforms that do not store your e-commerce website data, which means that you will have to pay for this service.
It is a process of assembling smaller pieces into a unity that functions as one. In the light of your cooperation with API2Cart, integration is performed to obtain the ability to connect to numerous shopping carts in order to retrieve and manipulate store data such as orders, products, categories, customers, etc. according to the specific needs of your e-Commerce business software.
It is a message sent by your service to get/manipulate store data.
These e-Commerce platforms store your shop data for you, so you do not have to pay for a server.
It is a unique key generated when a bridge is downloaded. It is used to access a store located on a shopping cart.
It is the main folder of the store where its files are located. An 'index.php' file located among them is usually but not necessarily a marker that this very folder is the root folder.

It is one of the FTP parameters that defines a precise store location at the host.