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Join API2Cart eCommerce Incubator Program and implement a unified shopping cart integration solution into your eCommerce startups. Enable them to easily and fast integrate with 35+ shopping cart and marketplaces.

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What is API2Cart?

API2Cart provides eCommerce B2B SaaS solutions with a unified way to integrate with and get data from 35+ shopping platforms including Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy, and more. It allows to easily retrieve, add, delete and sync all needed store data from clients’ stores and integrate it with eCommerce soft.

Program Benefits

Speed up the development process

Typically shopping cart has its specific architecture and logic that require a qualified expert, a lot of work and time. With API2Cart there is no need to hire a specialist to develop and maintain an integration platform, as it is already integrated with 35+ eCommerce platforms.

On-Time Payments

Reduce costs

Each integration in average costs at least a few thousands of dollars. API2Cart will help you to save your money for other important business needs.

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Accelerate your go-to-market

Setting up just one integration takes at least a month. Save your precious time and focus on core business ideas and processes via a ready-built integration platform.

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Return of investments

Earn a 20% recurring revenue commission from each monthly subscription. Build your passive income and make money with no extra effort.

Test it on a live store

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API2Cart eCommerce Incubator Program allows you to get 20% commission from each recurring payment made each month or year.

If your startup exceeds one or more of the limits of your Subscription Plan, we’ll give you 1 month to optimize your integration with the API2Cart API or upgrade.

API2Cart service takes serious measures to protect our clients personal and store information. Sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access. We guarantee not to share your personal account data and keep it confidential. Terms of service security and information protection are provided by Privacy Policy.