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API Technology

How to Connect to Zen Cart API

8 July 2020 |

Zen Cart API Connection: Main Benefits for SaaS App Vendors If you are running a B2B software for retailers, you probably think about the development of integration with a high...

All You Need to Know About SaaS API Integration with eCommerce Platforms

15 June 2020 |

Staying competitive in 2020 implies getting your customers’ attention and offering them superior services that they cherish and love. As a SaaS app provider, it becomes imperative to stay on...

How to Perform Salesforce Commerce Cloud ERP Integration

11 June 2020 |

As an ERP solution provider, you are well aware of the importance to quickly and seamlessly manage all the processes related to e-stores. It includes processing orders, monitoring inventory levels,...

Shopware API Integration: Why and How to Perform It?

1 June 2020 |

Are you a SaaS app provider who wants to succeed in 2020? If the answer is yes, then you need to be able to outsmart your competitors and get more...

How to Develop the Integration with Ecwid

25 May 2020 |

A growing number of eCommerce software vendors are coming to realize the benefits of integration with Ecwid. This modern shopping platform is used by countless e-shop owners from all over...

Usage of a Unified API for Gambio Integration

20 May 2020 |

Today, a growing number of eCommerce SaaS providers are coming to realize the benefits they can reap by connecting their solutions with Gambio API. Gambio integration allows them to gain...

How to Import WooCommerce Orders Automatically [Infographic]

18 May 2020 |

eCommerce software vendors cannot propose their services to the clients without access to the data from their e-stores. They need to manage the information connected with orders, products, shipments, customers,...

API Security Best Practices in 2020

15 May 2020 |

Developers heavily rely on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to support the delivery of new services and products. However, with the increase of APIs usage also comes the potential for more...

How to Import Orders from Shopify [Infographic]

21 April 2020 |

A significant amount of online store owners have chosen Shopify platform for running their eCommerce businesses. That is why SaaS vendors are looking for various options for developing the integration...

API Economy: Pros and Cons

13 April 2020 |

The API Economy is a concept that has been garnering attention in recent years and is striving to become an essential aspect of the technological landscape. While you probably have...

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