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API Technology

What is ERP API Integration and How to Develop It with eCommerce Platforms?

27 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

ERP API integration with multiple eCommerce platforms is highly essential for such software providers. It allows getting access to all the necessary data from retailers' online stores. Without such information, ERP systems can not perform their primary functions. Why is it so? That is because ERP systems are responsible for... Read More

How to Use API for VirtueMart Integration Development

26 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

eCommerce platforms are an important component of businesses globally in the digital age. VirtueMart is a platform that has gained popularity among developers and merchants. This article will explore the benefits and possibilities of integrating with VirtueMart. Also, it shows how it is possible to use API2Cart unified API for... Read More

Wix Cart API: Main Features

22 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

If you develop B2B software for retailers, it is important to consider integration with a variety of shopping platforms. Wix, with its large user base, should be included in the list of supported platforms. The Wix cart API enables developers to access a wide range of features and functions offered... Read More

What is eCommerce Integration and How To Develop It?

21 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

What is eCommerce Integration? In 2023 it becomes necessary for software and app providers to develop the connection with multiple eCommerce platforms to gain an edge in the competition. The establishment of such a connection is termed eCommerce integration. It means the process of tying various software and apps with... Read More

Flipkart Integration: How to Develop It Easily

21 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

As a software or app provider, you may know the importance of developing Flipkart integration. Having it enables your clients who sell their products on the Flipkart marketplace to automate their business processes with the help of your solution. Online store owners constantly look for ways to expand their business... Read More

Shopping Cart Connection Solution: How to Choose It Effectively

13 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

The B2B SaaS industry is highly competitive, regardless of the product you offer. In various industries, including eCommerce, there is a significant presence of competitors offering similar solutions to yours. For an eCommerce SaaS company, one of the essential elements for success is to use a shopping cart connection solution.... Read More

How to Create Shipments on eCommerce Platforms Automatically

13 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

The ability to create shipments automatically is one of the essential features of high-quality shipping software. In case you provide the same solution, you also have to add this functionality to your software. It may help you to serve your customers better and stay ahead of the competition. Let's explore... Read More

How to Sync Products Across Multiple eCommerce Platforms Easily

12 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

Managing an eCommerce business can be challenging without the appropriate tools to streamline operations. One crucial aspect of eCommerce is sync products across various sales channels, enabling companies to function effectively and maintain control over their inventory while selling on multiple platforms. Software such as multi-channel, inventory, and ERP systems... Read More

How to Set Up Amazon Integration in 2023?

11 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

As a software or app provider, you are probably well aware of the huge importance of developing Amazon integration. Having it allows your clients who sell their products on this marketplace to automate all their processes with the help of your solution. Online store owners are always searching the ways... Read More

Ecwid Integrations for SaaS Providers

1 September 2023 | Natalia Kovalchuk

A growing number of eCommerce software vendors are coming to realize the benefits of Ecwid integrations. This modern shopping platform is used by countless e-shop owners from all over the globe, who can easily create their sites and start selling ASAP. This platform, used by over 600,000 merchants from over... Read More

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