How eCommerce Integration Saves Money of Shipping Software Providers

8 November 2019 |

Any eCommerce shipping software depends on the integration with shopping carts and marketplaces. Without that, such systems can’t carry out their essential functions that require the ability to manage the...

ecommerce integration for shipping software

WooCommerce API Integration for SaaS App Providers: Why Consider

8 November 2019 |

Haven’t noticed your competitors integrating with platforms? Well, that’s what some of them are doing right now - getting connected with shopping carts, marketplaces, payments systems, carriers, and other solutions...

API2Cart Will Support Cursor-based Pagination

2 October 2019 |

Big changes are coming! We are glad to announce that API2Cart is going to add cursor-based pagination to all the methods that contain the start and count params. The main...

cursor-based pagination

You Asked, We Heard: 4 Amazing September 2019 Product Updates

27 September 2019 |

The first month of autumn is coming to an end, so we prepared the list of the latest features, improvements and updates API2Cart team has been working on. In today’s...

api2cart product updates 2019

eCommerce Shipping Integration: 8 methods to increase the sales in 2019

5 November 2019 |

Nowadays customers prefer to buy different goods through eCommerce stores. For example, in the USA the clients of online shops spent more than $517 billion in 2018. That is the...

ecommerce shipping integration

You Asked, We Heard: 8 Amazing August 2019 Product Updates

30 August 2019 |

The month is coming to the end, so here we are with the latest features, updates and improvements our team has been working on. In today’s release you will find...

How to easily gather store data for abandoned cart emails

23 August 2019 |

An abandoned cart is a term that describes visitors of online stores who add goods to their shopping carts, fill in some of their data but interrupt the purchasing process...

abandoned cart

API Digest #109: APIs show Faster Growth Rate in 2019 than Previous Years

28 August 2019 |

API2Cart continues to collect the most interesting API-related articles and news to deliver them to you via our digest. In today’s edition you will find a brief overview of the...

You Asked, We Heard: 7 Amazing June-July 2019 Product Updates

31 July 2019 |

We at API2Cart has been busy working on new features, updates and improvements. So, here we are again with a fresh set of updates that can help you improve your...

Top 26 automation tools for startups

25 July 2019 |

For any company that wants to work effectively and to gain success on the market, it is highly important to use automation tools. And startups are no exception. Adopting automation...

automation tools for startups

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