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How to Connect to Wix Data in a Simple Way

29 September 2022 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Shopping platforms have revolutionized the eCommerce industry by making it easier than ever for businesses to set up an online store. There are now many different eCommerce platforms available, each with its own unique features and benefits. For eCommerce software vendors, it becomes a necessity to implement an integration with... Read More

Shopware Integration: What It Is and How To Develop It

29 September 2022 | Natalia Kovalchuk

As a software business provider, you will inevitably face the need to integrate your solution with other shopping platforms in order to improve your operability and reach new customers. Shopware is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market, so learning how to develop Shopware integration is a... Read More

Wix Store API: How to Manage Data on Wix

29 September 2022 | Natalia Kovalchuk

As a provider of B2B software for online retailers, you must be aware of the importance of integration with a significant number of shopping platforms. Wix is one such platform, and the Wix store API allows developers to access Wix's vast array of features and functions. Also, Wix API makes... Read More

Wix Data API: How to Get Data from Wix Stores

29 September 2022 | Natalia Kovalchuk

The Wix platform is a popular choice for building websites, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Wix is so popular because it offers a wide range of features and plugins to make website creation easy. Because of Wix's huge popularity among e-merchants worldwide, many software providers and developers are looking... Read More

Wix Accounting Integration: How to Connect Accounting Software to This Platform

1 September 2022 | Natalia Kovalchuk

While it's true that a traditional brick-and-mortar business has different accounting needs than an online retailer, the fact is that both types of businesses need to manage their finances efficiently and quickly. One way to do this is by using accounting software. There are many different accounting software programs available.... Read More

Wix POS Integration: How to Implement It Easily

21 September 2022 | Vladyslava Konoplia

Today, at the time of the most significant rise in eCommerce, it is not enough to sell offline. Instead, customers usually buy online, because it is more convenient and, in some cases, safer. Therefore, retailers are trying to provide an uninterrupted buying experience through different sales channels. As a software... Read More

How to Develop Wix Warehouse Integration Easily?

1 September 2022 | Vladyslava Konoplia

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that helps companies to manage their warehouse operations. Warehouse management involves many activities such as receiving and storing inventory, picking and packing orders, and shipping products. WMS applications help automate these tasks and improve the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations.... Read More

Wix Integrations: Connect Wix with Your Software

5 September 2022 | Natalia Kovalchuk

Many software providers are looking for ways to integrate their solutions with Wix. Wix is a popular website builder that allows users to create websites without any coding knowledge. While Wix offers a large number of features and templates, there are some limitations when it comes to integrating with other... Read More

How Amazon API Integration Increases the Efficiency of Your Software

22 August 2022 | Vladyslava Konoplia

In today's market, it's more necessary than ever for online merchants to have a presence on Amazon. It is not only the largest marketplace but also the most trusted by consumers. When people are looking for products, they are more likely to begin and end their search on popular marketplaces... Read More

Benefits of Wix API Integration for B2B SaaS

5 September 2022 | Vladyslava Konoplia

eCommerce stores have become the primary way in 2022 that people use to purchase new things. The eCommerce market has many benefits, including the ability to shop from anywhere, find better deals online and compare prices easily. In addition, eCommerce stores often have a more comprehensive selection of products than... Read More

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