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How to Import Customers from Multiple eCommerce Platforms via One API

10 July 2020 |

Today eCommerce software vendors such as order management, marketing automation, warehouse management providers should have some kind of integration with different eCommerce platforms to compete on the marketplace. Integration with...

8 Creative & Effective Ways to Attract Clients to Your B2B SaaS Solution

19 June 2020 |

It’s no doubt that clients are the lifeblood of every business. It is also obvious that no clients equal no business. But what if traditional methods of attracting new clients...

8 Ways for B2B SaaS Companies to Accelerate US Market Entry

11 June 2020 |

SaaS businesses have gained popularity in many countries since the digital revolution began and most companies are digitalizing their operations. Although B2B SaaS solutions are needed globally, the U.S is...

Top 6 Important Metrics for SaaS Business

28 May 2020 |

eCommerce has opened doors for all sizes of businesses to play on the global stage. However, to do so, they require relevant software to operate smoothly and automate all of...

eCommerce in 2020: The Facts

7 May 2020 |

The eCommerce industry has been budding steadily for years now. Buying things online is becoming more and more of a norm, wherein over 25% of people today purchase something online...

Squarespace Integration: a Must-Have for SaaS App Solutions

15 April 2020 |

eCommerce is among the most effective and simplest ways of selling goods online, but online merchants often find it a little more challenging. Thanks to SaaS software, online retailers may...

Most Popular eCommerce Platforms in Western Europe

15 April 2020 |

Europe has been setting new trends in the eCommerce world. The shopping platforms like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and others are gaining popularity in Western Europe. Being a SaaS application provider,...

7 Ways to Cut Your SaaS Business Costs During The Crisis

23 April 2020 |

Cutting SaaS costs is imperative, especially for companies that want to survive through this COVID-19 crisis. As a growing number of industries are shutting down and eCommerce is affected big...

eBay API Integration: How to Implement It Easily [Infographic]

2 April 2020 |

It’s not breaking news to say that if you want your business to succeed, you have to constantly look for new ways to attract new customers. In case you work...

How to Implement Etsy Integration With Chatbots

26 March 2020 |

Chatbots for eCommerce are collaborative tools that automate basic communication operations. Nevertheless, as artificial intelligence is proliferating, chatbots are predicted to become more specialized over time. In general, they could...

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