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Updated 24 August 2023 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Be Brave Like Ukraine

February, 24 is the day when all Ukrainians woke up in fear and panic. Russia has launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine. Since that day Ukraine has lost the calendar countdown because now the countdown is in the number of days of the war.

Many cities in Ukraine have suffered and still suffer from the aggression of the Russian army resulting in the death of civilians and destroyed civilian areas and infrastructure. In this difficult time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense, and ordinary people show the heroism that the whole world admires.

API2Cart team is Ukrainians, and we try our best to show our support to the army in all possible ways. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we stop serving clients from Russia and Belarus.

Over the past few days, we’ve received dozens of messages of support from our customers and partners. It gives us enormous faith and determination to withstand. Since many have offered to help, we’ve compiled a list of options you can choose from to support Ukraine:

API2Cart team continues working and providing you with top-quality service. Our servers are up and running, so you will not face any problems using API2Cart.

Thanks again to everyone who is sharing its support. The whole world stands with Ukraine now, and we have no other choice but to win! 😉

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