BigCommerce Abandoned Cart API

Updated 30 June 2024 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Today cart abandonment is a crucial issue in eCommerce. Statistic reveals that 69.23% customers who visit an online store will place items in their shopping cart and then abandon the process, hence cause loss of sales. It is therefore crucial to address this problem effectively in order to increase sales and customer loyalty.

BigCommerce, an eCommerce platform, has a great solution in the form of Abandoned Cart API. This API allows developers and software vendors to get and manage the abandoned carts' information to take proper follow-up actions that can lead to the recovery of the lost sales.

This article focuses on the specifics of BigCommerce Abandoned Cart API, the kind of data it retrives, and the advantages of using this API either in house or with the help of third-party integration solution.

Peculiarities of BigCommerce API

BigCommerce API is RESTful and follows the standard HTTP protocol and methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) and code status to make the interaction with the API quite simple for any user who has worked with RESTful APIs. This consistency minimizes the learning process and makes it easy to incorporate the API by ensuring that developers can easily comprehend and use API calls. The RESTful architecture also covers a vast number of operations that can be used for getting the product details to managing the customer data, which makes it a perfect tool for developing a multifunctional eCommerce system.

BigCommerce API provides a secure OAuth authentication mechanism. This security measure not only protects the customer and transaction data but also makes sure that only the authorized applications can read and modify the store data. Thus, OAuth helps BigCommerce increase its level of trust and reliability, which enables developers to create safe applications that meet industry standards and guidelines.


What is BigCommerce Abandoned Cart API?

The BigCommerce Abandoned Cart API is specifically developed to assist eCommerce merchants to reduce the cases of cart abandonment and, hence, loss of potential sales. This API helps developers to get and manage the abandoned carts. It gives the opportunity to know the detailed information about the products and the customers left in the carts, which helps to create the functionality to follow up these customers, increasing the probability to complete the transactions.

Namely, the data that can be retrieved contains such information as the contents of the cart, the client's contact information, and the timing of the cart's abandonment.

Which Software Solutions Can Benefit from This API Method

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools can derive a lot of value from the BigCommerce Abandoned Cart API. These solutions use customer data to develop targeted marketing strategies and sustain the customer's interest. With the help of such integration they can easily leverage this data to initiate workflows that can present users with special offers or reminders to complete their purchase, thus improving the cart recovery rate and, hence, sales.

Cart Abandonment Solutions

Cart abandonment software assists online merchants to recover more customers and thus raise their earnings in the long run. Such solutions are used in the case of the recovery of the abandoned carts by the help of the targeted email campaigns, creating the accurate segments of the customers for the higher rates of the cart recovery, as well as the detailed statistics which can be useful for the online sellers to know their cart abandonment rate.

For such types of services, it is crucial to be able to obtain information on abandoned orders from the most visited shopping platforms. They need access to order, customer, and product data from the online stores created on the shopping platforms.


Implementing BigCommerce Abandoned Cart API

Implementing the BigCommerce Abandoned Cart API can be achieved through two primary approaches: building integration on your own or using a service of a third-party service like API2Cart.

Developing an Integration In-House

In-house development offers complete flexibility in the integration. You will have full control over the integration incorporated. However, creating a bespoke integration is quite complex and needs developers, time, and money. This can be a costly affair, particularly for the small businesses. After the integration is created, it is crucial to update it with the changes in the API and solve any problem that is encountered.

Using API2Cart for Integration


API2Cart is a service that provides API for integration with multiple eCommerce platforms, and BigCommerce is one of them. It supports the BigCommerce abandoned cart API method and enables to get the required store data without any difficulty. API2Cart has the functionality of integrating with multiple eCommerce platforms, so you can work with the abandoned carts across the different platforms within a single panel. This is quite useful for companies that use more than one platform or those that are in the process of doing so.

It deals with the upgrade and compatibility matters, so you can concentrate on your business processes. API2Cart's solution is scalable and therefore suitable for any business regardless of its size. Regardless of whether you are a small business or a big corporation, it is simple to increase the scope of your integration depending on the size of your business.

API2Cart's Abandoned Cart API Method

abandoned cart API2Cart

API2Cart provides order.abandoned.list method that enables to access data about abandoned carts on BigCommerce and other eCommerce platforms. Here are the key types of data that this API method retrieves:

Customer Information

  • Customer ID: A unique identifier to every customer that has left the cart without making a purchase. This ID is useful in relating the cart data with the particular client in all the channels.
  • Customer Name: The full name of the customer, that can be used in a follow-up communication with the customer.
  • Customer Email: This is the email address of the customer to use in sending of follow up emails, special deals and promotions among others.

Order Information

  • Product IDs: Unique identifiers for each product in the abandoned cart.
  • Product Names: The names of the products which were left in the cart, this information can be used in personal emails to remind the customer of the products they chose.
  • Product Quantities: The number of each product in the cart, which can be useful for understanding the customers' behaviour and the possibility of selling items in large quantities.
  • Product Prices: The prices of the products in the cart which is helpful to find out the total cart value and provide discounts or promotions.

Additional Information

This API method also retrieves data such as basket info, date of modification, currency, product variants, etc.


Cart abandonment is one of the most critical aspects that determine the success of an eCommerce business and customer satisfaction. Thus, when your eCommerce software implements BigCommerce Abandoned Cart API with the help of API2Cart, it gains a great opportunity to easily access the needed data for implementing cart abandonment features.

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