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Updated 24 August 2023 | Anastasia Kholod

A Conversation about Visionary CEO of Acutrack in Fulfillment Business

We are pleased to present an interview with a proven business leader with great passion. He has been in the fulfillment business for almost a quarter of a century. He has won hearts of all his customers. We have had a pleasure to work with him ourselves. Meet Raj Barman, President and CEO at Acutrack.

You have been helping businesses by taking fulfillment off their shoulders for 24 years now. Wow! How did you get into the industry? What is your favourite thing about what you do?

I really had a strong urge to start a business and started exploring ideas that require minimum cash investment. In 1992, we launched Acutrack as a service bureau to help software companies with media production and kitting. We were very successful and we had almost a  100% growth for the first 5 years. We continue to add new services to meet different needs of our software clients. With the advancements of the Internet, software companies started relying on digital distribution. We saw an opportunity to offer distribution of software in conjunction with a digital download as “backup disc” fulfillment. This was an important turning point of us becoming an expert in production fulfillment services.

The favorite part of my job is to surround myself with smart people and create wonderful new business opportunities.

Building and running a fulfillment house is no doubt not easy. How did you make it happen? What were the main challenges that you faced in the process of setting up the business?

I had no prior business experience but a strong desire to be a successful entrepreneur. Sometimes, I wonder what made us successful. I can point to many things but when you are trying to build a business, there is no substitute to hard work.

We have faced many challenges along the way, as any business does, but in the beginning the biggest challenge is that one has to wear multiple hats, from being the CEO to managing sales, to delivering the products directly to the consumers, and this takes you away from building the business.

Acutrack is today a complete turnkey fulfilment solution. What did it take to make it such? Where do integrations stay here?

There are many facets to a successful fulfillment company. However, our love for technology has made us grow immensely. We always deploy the best equipments, develop and implement a good process. We think about long term and develop a process that is documented and audited. This control helps us follow a consistent process and not make any mistake and support our client’s growth.

We have found that your clients just love you and the company. What is the special ingredient of your success?

Success comes to the transparency that we deliver to our customers. Our proposals are simple, clear, and we have clarity in our process. Acturack has no hidden agenda; we are honest.

How do you see the future of the fulfillment business?

The future is bright for the fulfillment business. With the success of crowd funding organizations like kickstarter, people are constantly developing new ideas and products and therefore, there is always a need for them to work with a fulfillment company like Acutrack.

We want to thank Raj for the interview and wish him and Acutrack thriving, success and further fruitful cooperation with our company.

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