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Updated 18 November 2022 |

eCommerce software vendors who provide the solutions like marketing automation, shipping management, warehouse management, order and inventory management, price optimization, etc., require to use an Ecwid API to become connected with this platform. Moreover, it allows them to access the precious data from Ecwid stores that can be retrieved only with smoothly developed integration with this shopping cart solution.

In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into the actual process of Ecwid integration. Also, we’ll show you step-by-step how to make the most out of the Ecwid API to work with this shopping platform's database.

What You Should Know about Ecwid

Despite its humble beginnings back in 2009, Ecwid grew marvelously into one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms of 2022. Now it is used by e-retailers from more than 175 countries of the world. Also, Ecwid powers more than 900,000 active online stores.

This platform started to gain traction a few years ago, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. Most of their customers are from the USA, followed at a great distance by the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other countries. For example, there are more than 440,000 e-stores in the USA based on the Ecwid platform. In the United Kingdom, the number of Ecwid stores is 93,000+, in Germany - 91,000+, in Italy - 64,000+, in France - 61,000+, in Australia - approximately 27,000.

In Italy, Ecwid has the highest market share, followed closely by WooCommerce and then at a great distance from the others. It seems that in many developed countries, Ecwid is a solid competitor for WooCommerce and Shopify, two of the most expensive eCommerce platforms out there.

Ecwid API

To understand how to make the most out of your Ecwid integration and fully leverage the perks and benefits of being connected to this giant platform, it becomes mandatory to understand what an Ecwid API refers to.

In simple terms, an API (application programming interface) is a way of protocols and definitions that enable two systems to connect with each other. The first system uses specific methods to require data, and the second system sends the data back in the form of an API response.

Ecwid API is a RESTful API with oAuth2 authentication. Its usage allows software developers to manage Ecwid e-store data, customize the storefront, and send out updates. Developing integration with the Ecwid API means that you can gain access to precious online stores’ data, such as products, orders, customers, shipping, or inventory details, and manage such info by your system.

As Ecwid has a RESTful API, it means that it makes it possible for you to get, update, create and delete Ecwid store data easily.

Without the development of reliable API integration with Ecwid, it is impossible to retrieve and manage Ecwid data and provide your software to the e-merchants who build their stores on this shopping platform.

Below, we will explore in detail why the connection to Ecwid API is so essential for software vendors who operate in the eCommerce sphere.

Ecwid Integration Benefits and Difficulties

At this point, after you are well aware of what an Ecwid API refers to, we need to look at some of the reasons why you should consider integrating your eCommerce software with this shopping platform.

In simple terms, the development of Ecwid API integration allows your company to offer enhanced functionalities to the end-users, expand your market share, and increase your profits. A viable integration enables you to gain access to the databases your customers have on Ecwid and import data such as order details, pricing info, e-store customers' details, shipping info, and a whole lot more into your system.

Of course, building the connection with the Ecwid API is not a simple process. In fact, integrating your software with this shopping cart solution is extremely difficult because Ecwid has a specific architecture. So, you need to work with developers who are well aware of bypassing any integration challenges that might appear along the way.

A manual integration with Ecwid is extremely expensive and requires constant support. Additionally, it takes up to 6 weeks for a team of developers to completely set up a connection, plus months to continue improving the connection and fixing bugs/enhancing the security.

How to Develop Integration with Ecwid API?

While a manual Ecwid integration is definitely an option for large companies with huge budgets that can afford to pay a team of developers to integrate their system with the most common platforms available on the market, most software providers require a cheaper and better alternative.

Fortunately, you can now completely avoid all the Ecwid API integration difficulties by going with a seamless integration tool. You can thus use API2Cart to connect with Ecwid and 40+ other shopping platforms.

API2Cart offers a significant number of API methods that allow you to work with products, orders, customers, attributes, shipping info, prices, taxes, and categories. Best of all, you can easily connect at once with dozens of shopping platforms and marketplace, such as PrestaShop, Amazon, eBay, Magento, or Ecwid. It means that you won’t need to develop the integration with multiple platforms separately. All you have to do is to connect your software to API2Cart. After that, you will get full access to the data from your clients’ stores no matter what of the supported platforms they are built on.

With API2Cart, eCommerce apps and software of any kind can communicate with ease with Ecwid. We’re talking here about marketing automation, shipping management, dropshipping automation, multichannel software, etc.

API2Cart allows you to manage all the required Ecwid e-stores’ data with the help of various API methods. For example:

  • for working with orders you can use such methods: order.count/ list/ info/ status.list/ financial_status.list/ shipment.list/ shipment.add/ shipment.update
  • for working with products: product.list/ count/ info/ find/ child_item.list
  • for working with customers: customer.list/ count/ info
  • for working with categories: category.list/ category.count/

The detailed info about each API2Cart API method you can find in API Docs.


For any B2B eCommerce software, integrations are unavoidable. You can now connect your business with over 40 shopping platforms and marketplaces using a unified API provided by API2Cart. Overcoming all the challenges related to the process of Ecwid integration and start leveraging the benefits the Ecwid API brings over to you: more leads, higher-quality services, more significant market share, expansion to new markets, increase in profits.

Contact us to learn more. Or try to use API2Cart for 30-days for free now!