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Updated 18 November 2022 |

Every eCommerce software provider, be it shipping management, multichannel, marketing automation, order management, dropshipping automation solutions, etc. needs order data to perform their assigned tasks. The e-store activity success relies on order fulfilment operations to be performed effectively and automatically, which your software cannot provide without access to order data.

Ecwid is a very popular eCommerce platform for small and medium businesses to sell their products around the globe. However, it is necessary for any eCommerce software provider to develop an integration between their systems and the Ecwid API in order to extract and use the order data.

In this article, we will show you how to extract and manage all the necessary online store order details by developing a reliable Ecwid Order API connection.

Why do eCommerce Software Need Access e-Stores’ Order Data

eCommerce software providers need access to data from shopping platforms like Ecwid to perform their functions and help e-merchants automate their operations. Here are some services for which order data from e-shops is mandatory to accomplish their tasks:

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is the backbone of sales and marketing for any product or service. This software uses order data from e-store customer history to understand their buying patterns. Based on this, targeted offers and discounts are offered via emails or messages.

Marketing automation services nurture these leads by sending recommendations for products they would like. Reports are also generated to measure the success of a campaign, which is impossible if order data cannot be accessed. None of these tasks can be done without access to order data from shopping platforms' databases.

Multichannel Systems

The role of multichannel systems is to manage eCommerce operations across many domains using data from shopping cart solutions. This is necessary to synchronise data across platforms, create shipments, update order statuses, and generate reports on payment and delivery.

None of this can happen without information about orders, which are the backbone of all these operations.

Shipping Management Solutions

Shipping management solutions require order data to monitor and synchronize inventory levels, create shipments, generate shipping labels, etc. They are responsible for the entire shipping process from inventory to delivery.

Accounting Software

Similarly, accounting software requires order data for being able to create invoices automatically.

App Development Solutions

Mobile app development solutions use order data to automatically export orders from customer’s mobile apps to their website stores.

So when you integrate your eCommerce software with shopping platforms like Ecwid, you can have a hassle-free experience with instant access to accurate order data.

Ecwid API Integration Development

Ecwid is a shopping platform that enables small and emerging businesses to seamlessly promote and sell their products by accessing multiple cyberspaces. With Ecwid, e-merchants can sell their products online anywhere.

Ecwid comes with no setup fees or transaction fees and is currently used by thousands of businesses across 175 countries. It is widely used by e-merchants from the USA (140,000 stores), United Kingdom (12,000 stores), Brazil, Australia and Germany.

Hence, start working with the Ecwid platform is a highly profitable and promising choice for eCommerce software providers. This will provide access to a larger clientele and generate larger profits. However, this can be achieved only by integrating your eCommerce service with the Ecwid API (Application Programming Interface).

Ecwid has a RESTful API with oAuth2 authentication. Any developer can use it to access and manage Ecwid online store data.

Every eCommerce software needs to be integrated with the Ecwid API to access data about products, orders, customers, and categories. This is highly beneficial for your product in terms of market presence, profits as well as building a solid customer base.

Thus, using Ecwid API will enable seamless performance of your software through effective integration.

Ecwid Order API Integration: How to Get All Order Details

API2Cart is a unified shopping platform API integration interface. Usage of this service allows developing the immediate integration with Ecwid and 40+ other similar shopping platforms.

API2Cart provides API methods to access and manage order data from Ecwid. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • - This method allows your software to retrieve information about a specific order placed in an Ecwid store. Through this, you can access all the data related to the order.
  • order.list - This method imports the list of orders placed on Ecwid. It returns four orders by default.
  • order.count - This method allows to count orders in the Ecwid store.
  • order.status.list - This method allows retrieving all the statuses of the orders supported by the Ecwid platform.
  • order.shipment.add/update/delete - These methods allow adding, update and deleting the shipments associated with an order placed in the Ecwid store.

These API methods are extremely effective and form the basic algorithm behind API2Cart's services. With their help, you can perform the following operations:

  • Access order info such as order ID, status, payment details, order status, etc.
  • Use flexible order filters to filter orders by status
  • Quickly update order statuses, both individually and in bulk, to ensure smooth shipping and delivery
  • Manage and control inventory stock levels and shipments
  • Organize and analyze data to create detailed reports that provide meaningful insights into campaign success, popular items, etc.

How to Start Managing Ecwid Order Data Using API2Cart

Integrating with platforms like Ecwid can play an essential role in growing your business. However, we understand that integrating your software with another network can be a hassle. It involves a lot of effort and can be technically challenging. Moreover, integration is not a one-time process as technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, you need to allocate resources for regular integration upgrades and maintenance.

At API2Cart, we aim to provide a solution to all these problems in a single place. Our service is flexible and allows connecting to more than 40 eCommerce platforms such as Ecwid, Magento, and Shopify. Through our API integration solution you can access data about products, orders and customers to effectively manage all your tasks.

To start working with Ecwid store data via API2Cart, you need to register and list your branded External APP on Ecwid App Marketplace. It will only serve to receive OAuth Access Token which will be used later to add a shop to the API2Cart system.

The detailed instructions on how to connect Ecwid to API2Cart you can see here.

API2Cart offers efficient and affordable one-stop solutions for all your integration needs. We offer a 30-day free trial so you can see firsthand the quality of our products as you integrate with Ecwid Order API.

We offer multiple packages across a flexible pricing spectrum, so all types of eCommerce software get a fair chance to grow as a business leader. Contact us to learn more about our features and pricing. To know more about API2Cart, book a consultation call today!

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