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Nick Spooner

17 February 2020 |

Nick Spooner CEO at Consistently Amazing - …the API and the infrastructure we use for shopping carts is built by a solid software engineering team we've known for

Andre Borgstrom

17 January 2020 |

Andre Borgstrom Solutions Architect at WebInterpret I have been using API2Cart since beginning of 2014 for our new webstores product. We have successfully integrated close to 100 stores and are...

Gerrit Valkenburg

17 January 2020 |

Gerrit Valkenburg Director at SforSoftware We use API2CART now for more then a year. Several customers of our application are succesfully connected to this platform. So far we are very...

Matt Warren

17 January 2020 |

Matt Warren Founder of Veeqo We have been working with you now for nearly 2 years now and your support is fantastic, one of the best I have worked with...

Jacques van der Wilt

29 January 2020 |

Jacques van der Wilt Founder and CEO at DataFeedWatch An API connection to shopping carts is the best way to work with merchants. Managing all those connections is a lot...

Igor Soloviev

17 January 2020 |

Igor Soloviev Co-Owner and CEO of UniSender Cooperation with API2Cart is a great opportunity for UniSender to become more accessible for e-commerce platforms users. For us it’s fast and profitable...

Raj Barman

17 January 2020 |

Raj Barman Founder and CEO at Acutrack Thank you, API2Cart. Your API has helped us integrate with a new platform. You are a big part of our success.

Josephine Tirtanata

17 January 2020 |

Josephine Tirtanata Technology Director at iHuntington Consulting So far API2Cart has been great! Simple and functional. I really liked the collector class from the code sample. It’s so easy to...

Davide Murru

29 January 2020 |

Davide Murru Head of Development at AppsBuilder At AppsBuilder we have been using API2Cart for over a year and so far over 100 of our clients have successfully used it...

Mike Holt

17 January 2020 |

Mike Holt Director at MobiCart API2Cart enables us to support synchronization to any of the e-Commerce carts that our customers use. This means we can focus on what we do...

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