Order Import Automation Workflow

Import of data connected with orders from retailers' online stores is one of the primary needs of ERP, order and inventory, warehouse, and shipping management software providers for providing their functions. Usage of API2Cart order.list method and webhook for order.add event makes it possible to do it quickly and effectively

On-Time Payments

API2Cart allows you to work with imported orders from CS-Cart in the following way:

  • Receive notifications when a new order is placed on any e-store
  • Filter orders by their parameters like ids, store id, customer id, customer email, order status, order ids, financial status, fulfillment status, shipping provider, and time parameters
  • Get a list of products from different online stores

CS-Cart Store Data You Can Work With


UpdateGet listCount


CountGet list


FindCountGet list

Abandoned orders

Get list




Get list

Order status

Get list


AddUpdateGet listCount
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The main benefits of a eCommerce platform integration for your business

Unified shopping platform integration can help you to:

  • Save up to 80% of your developers' time on the integration processes
  • Minimize TCO. In-house IT costs on integration with multiple shopping carts are up to 9 times more expensive than integration via API2Cart
  • Win new customers. Power up the value proposition with 40+ shopping platforms, that equals 1+ million of e-stores as your potential customers
  • Use all needed API methods to import orders from CS-Cart and other platforms

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