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Magento API

Develop the integration with Magento API and connect your software to multiple other shopping platforms using a unified API by API2Cart

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Magento API

By using the Magento web API framework, integrators and developers can use web services to communicate with the Magento system.

Magento support two kinds of API: REST API (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP API (Simple Object Access Protocol).

Magento REST API provides functions developers can use to perform requests and receive responses. HTTP is used to perform these interactions. HTTP methods include: GET - for reading a resource, POST - for resource creation, PUT - for updating a resource and DELETE - for deleting a resource.

Connection to API of Magento platform makes it possible to get access to all the data from online stores built on Magento. It includes the info on products, orders, categories, prices, taxes, customers, etc.

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Why integrate with Magento API via API2Cart?

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Increase the number of your clients

Integration with Magento allows you to propose your eCommerce solution or application to millions of e-merchants who this platform for their businesses.
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Access all Magento data needed

Using API2Cart API methods, you can import and manage Magento data connected with customers, products, orders, and other info.
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Full tech support

API2Cart provides full tech support 24/7 by email, phone, or chat. Also, we have detailed guides and video tutorials on the FAQ.
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Free trial period

We give 30 days to test our API. No functionality is hidden. Create your account and see how API2Cart works for your business.

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