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Free White Paper: How to market your integration

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How to Market Your Integrations:

Marketing Tips for B2B E-Commerce Vendors

So, your business now integrates with a bunch of services, platforms, and marketplaces. You offer every feature a seller could need. But they just won't come. What's wrong? Maybe they just don't know you offer that!
After you have improved your system's capabilities, you need to slightly alter your marketing strategy to make sure that you attract the right audience and what they see on your website best represents what you have to offer.
This is a guide that covers the principal changes and updates that businesses do to make the most out of their new integrations and features. It is meant to help you get targeted traffic to your website and convert prospects into real ROI without investing a budget.

This is the short list of topics we cover in this guide:

  • Website updates
  • Social Media and E-mail Marketing
  • Listings and a press release
  • Free trial
  • eCommerce conferences and events

Download 'How to Market Your Integrations' and learn how to make the most out of your newly obtained functionality.